After Reports That Zelensky Was Told to “Surrender,” Tensions Between Ukraine and Israel Have Risen, U.N. Standing in the Wings

HNewsWire-This week, a strange diplomatic back and forth between Ukraine and Israel erupted when a senior assistant to President Volodymyr Zelensky informed the media that Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett encouraged Kiev to accept Putin's plan for ending the conflict, thus surrendering.

"Bennett is practically ordering us to surrender, and we have no plans to do so," an unidentified senior Ukrainian official told Axios. Following the story, the Israeli Prime Minister's office issued a categorical rebuttal of the accusation.

According to Axios, Zelensky and his advisers were enraged by Bennett's reported proposal, which may have contributed to the dialogue being leaked to the press. Bennett, according to Kiev, instigated the Tuesday conversation during which the advise was offered.

Russia has requested that, in order to stop the conflict, Ukraine accept Russian sovereignty over Crimea, the statehood of Donetsk and Luhansk, and put NATO neutrality into its national constitution, or essentially 'demilitarize' its connection with the Western military alliance.

The incident was taken up by Israeli media as well, with The Jerusalem Post summarizing it as follows:

According to a government official, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett informed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenksy in a phone conversation on Tuesday that he advises Ukraine accept Russian President Vladimir Putin's offer to stop the conflict, which entails numerous Ukrainian sacrifices. Zelenksy, according to the source, did not follow Bennett's instructions.

Bennett, according to the source, initiated the phone conversation. "If I were you, I would consider the lives of my people and accept the offer," Bennett allegedly remarked.

Zelenksy's reply was brief. "I understand," he responded.

Since the invasion began on February 24, PM Bennett has had more direct interactions with Putin and Zelensky.

A Ukrainian official was quoted as stating, "Bennett urged us to submit." "We have no plans to do so." We understand that Putin's offer is only the beginning."

Axios provided the following additional information based on Ukrainian sources:

According to a senior Ukrainian source, the administration in Kyiv believes Bennett is not working as a mediator. He went on to say that a mediator must strive for concessions and put solutions on the table, rather than merely passing signals.
"We don't need another mailbox; we have enough of them," stated a Ukrainian official.
According to the source, Zelensky and his aides feel that if Bennett wants to remain impartial and intervene, he must select a full-time ambassador.

By Saturday, not only had Israel disputed the claim, but Ukraine's leadership was downplaying it, presumably because it may cause undue tensions between the two countries, and also because Israel is increasingly appearing like a viable mediator in the midst of the fight. However, the first report was most likely leaked for a purpose.

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Putin: "Will I attack Israel?" This has been on my mind for a long time. After monitoring the news and analyzing this subject for the last three decades, I've come up with the following thoughts/theories. Anything is possible.


SRH: “How does Russia end up attacking Israel?”

Syria hates Israel since 1948.
Syria now fights for Russia in Ukraine.
Israel supports Russia. Putin designated their relationship as “unconditional allies.”



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