Watchman Reporting: The Whole System Is Set Up to Reprogram the Kids. I Mean, That’s What They’re Doing. They’re Literally Destroying These Innocent Little Brains With Demonic Trans No-Sense

HNewsWire: This agenda will ultimately destroy true American values, and isolate the Christian community so they can be targeted by these Sodomites.

GRANTS PASS, OREGON – When his 14-year-old son was summoned to the principal's office for refusing to claim a female pupil was a boy, Matthew Duncan decided enough was enough.

Duncan's kid initially thought his longtime classmate was joking when she advised him to address her as a male. He flatly refused.

"You can't do it!" "You can't call someone something they're not," Duncan said, adding that Grants Pass school officials punished the youngster.

"Just so you know, if you do that again, you're going to get in trouble," Duncan cautioned his kid.

Duncan enrolled his two children in a private school after the school year finished.

Grants Pass is a small, conservative town, yet residents have discovered that they have no control over what their children are taught in public school. Families have discovered that Oregon's governor's guidelines violate their religious convictions. Teachers who advocate for a politically neutral curriculum claim that local schools aggressively promote LGBT ideology.

On October 18, 2022, Matthew Duncan relocated his two children to a private school in Grants Pass, Oregon, after administrators at the local high school threatened to punish his son for refusing to claim a girl classmate was a boy.

"There has never been such a struggle for domination and control as there is now," Duncan added. "You are not allowed to express yourself."

As a result, many Grants Pass families have pulled their children from public school, enrolled them in private school, or begun homeschooling, according to Grants Pass teachers, school administrators, and parents.

However, these alternatives can be costly and difficult, and private schools do not always have enough capacity to accommodate the exodus of pupils.

Boys Aren't Like Girls
LGBT ideology has surged into Oregon classrooms in just a few years, according to Betty, a former school employee who only used her first name to avoid community criticism. She decided to retire early because she was tired of trying to aid children while also combating left-wing ideology.

Betty recalls that there was no LGBT indoctrination at her school just a few years ago. Then, gently and quietly, education workers inundated classrooms with pro-LGBT literature.

"I mean, we're in the middle of nowhere." It is cautious. And it's as though [the truth is] saying, 'Beware! 'It isn't!' she exclaimed.

Betty came upon a poster in the library one day that stated left-wing talking points.

This left-wing ideology-promoting sign was seen at a public high school in Grants Pass, Oregon. "We think that black lives count, that no human is criminal, that love is love, that women's rights are human rights, that science is real, that water is life, and that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere," the statement stated.

It didn't seem like education to present only one viewpoint on contentious matters, she remarked. So she hung her own poster alongside it.

"We believe all lives matter, lawful immigration, marriage is one man and one woman, unborn female and male babies have rights, God's creation supports science, water is life," Betty's poster stated.

She was then summoned to the principal's office.

"'You know what?' they said. This is intolerable. 'You must clear everything with us,' Betty remembered. According to her, the school forced her to remove her poster but allowed the left-wing poster to remain.

Administrators expressed their displeasure when Betty stopped a young elementary school kid from entering into the girls' bathroom by mistake.

"I got it for that!" she exclaimed. "'Betty, don't you understand?' they said. They are free to walk wherever they wish."

After younger instructors accepted radical gender ideology during their college training, it spread into schools.

Betty mourned, "They bought the propaganda." "They were engaged in propaganda in college, so they're just spitting it out." My impression is that they lack the moral compass that we do."

Deborah, another conservative teacher, said she resigned after being pressured to do so. Deborah chose not to use her own name because she was afraid of being judged.

Before she departed, she said, a school-mandated seminar instructed all teachers to raise their hands if they had "white privilege." She was the only one who did not indicate approval.

"As far as I know, no one else spoke up," she claimed.

On October 18, 2022, a school bus passes by Grants Pass High School in Grants Pass, Oregon. Another youngster voiced concern after Donald Trump was elected president. Deborah recalls the girl saying she was afraid Trump would send her to a concentration camp because she was a homosexual.

Deborah promised her that it would not happen. Deborah was interviewed by the school's administration after the kid submitted a complaint.

"It was ridiculous," she exclaimed. "It never happened, and it's not even in my employment file." However, the administration paid me a visit as a result of that."

The student then filed a complaint against Deborah after she unintentionally handed a graded test to the wrong student. According to documents she submitted to The Epoch Times, the school assigned her "focus goals," which included passing out papers to the appropriate children.

Deborah has been teaching for 22 years. She believes the school utilized the complaint to make her job so difficult that she would leave. She believes the school wanted her to leave because of her political views.

"I think people knew I wouldn't call a girl a boy," Deborah explained. According to her, the school scrutinized all of her work following the complaint.

"At 5 a.m., I would have to email every single item [in a] plan to the school and the personnel director," Deborah recounted. "And then they'd have folks in my class every day." Everything was being dissected by several administrators. And I discovered that many of the things they said were outright lies."

Deborah retired in 2019 because she was tired of the pressure.

On October 18, 2022, a pro-socialism bumper sticker is seen in the employee parking lot of Grants Pass High School in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Local Children and State Standards Some in the community believe that schools in towns like Grants Pass have likewise swung left because Oregon's state government sets educational standards that encourage radical gender ideology.

"The entire system is designed to reprogram the children." That's exactly what they're doing. "They're literally murdering these helpless little brains," Betty explained.

The Oregon State Board of Education (OSBE) establishes the state's educational policies and standards. The governor appoints the members of the board.

Democrats have held the governorship since 1986. Kate Brown, the current governor of Oregon, is the country's first openly bisexual politician.

The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) has been criticized by some of pushing left-wing ideology at the expense of educational achievement. Its website encourages administrators to teach students about race and ethnicity.

On October 18, 2022, a pro-LGBT sticker is displayed in the window of Grants Pass High School in Grants Pass, Oregon.

In kindergarten, children should learn that there are "various ways to express gender," according to Oregon's health education standards. The guidelines indicate that kids should learn about sexual orientation in third grade, as well as how to prevent the spread of AIDS in third grade.

The standards go on to say that by third grade, pupils should "recognize variances and similarities in how individuals identify related gender or sexual orientation."

The guidelines state that kids should learn to "recognize the value of treating others with respect, including gender expression," beginning in kindergarten. Students of the same age group should also "identify various types of family configurations."

According to Heidi Napier, a Grants Pass resident who works with the area's Republican Party education committee, Oregon state curriculum can be pornographic at times.

Napier purchased a copy of the state curriculum and discovered photos of sick genitals as well as line drawings of people having sex.

When Napier showed the images to a police officer, he advised her that distributing them to children would be a felony.

However, it is allowed to utilize the same materials in the classroom.

"These are from the CDC," said the officer. "And they're not pornography as long as they're used by a schoolteacher." However, if they were utilized by anyone else, they would be called pornography."

Napier questioned if she could even reveal them at a school board meeting without repercussions.

The Grants Pass High Institution exterior shows that the school promotes left-wing gender philosophy. The school features a rainbow LGBT pride heart above its main door, as well as LGBT pride stickers on the classroom windows.

The Epoch Times requested an interview with the Grants Pass school system, but none had been scheduled by the time of publication.

Private School Promotion
Many Grants Pass parents have taken their children from public schools in response to ideological instruction.

According to Annie Burnham, the school's administrator, admissions at Grants Pass New Hope Christian School have risen in the previous three years.

According to her, the school has grown from 190 to 340 pupils since 2020, with roughly 30 kids on a waiting list. To accommodate the demand, New Hope increased its staff by more than doubling. This change is part of a broader post-COVID-19 trend.

In 2022, New Hope Christian School will open in Grants Pass, Oregon. "I think that's when parents got aware of some of the educational stuff going on in the classroom," she explained.

According to Burnham, parents initially switched to New Hope because they wanted in-person classes after COVID-19. Parents began to convert after becoming dissatisfied with the sexualized curriculum in public schools.

Around 2021, parents began to declare, "We just don't want our kids being taught some of these things," according to Burnham.

It wasn't simply the sex education and transgender indoctrination, she claimed. They also opposed issues intertwined with history and social studies, such as Critical Race Theory.

Oregon's public schools have recently experienced poor educational outcomes. Only 42% of third graders in Oregon can read at the competency level, according to statewide examinations from 2020 to 2021.

Despite the fact that New Hope is a Christian school, many non-Christian families have enrolled their children to escape being taught radical gender theory, according to Burnham.

"There has been some culture shift as a result of rapid growth." "We're figuring out how to keep our identity as a Christian institution," she stated.

Annie Burnham is the principal of New Hope Christian School in Grants Pass, Oregon. According to Burnham, New Hope is not alone in witnessing rapid enrollment growth. Enrollment in local private schools, charter schools, and homeschooling groups has increased.

"Public school districts have seen large enrollment losses," she added. "Our 340 doesn't make a large impact in their total enrollment." Families, on the other hand, are looking for other options."

Burnham highlighted that, due to wait lists and costs, it might be difficult for parents to arrange for their children to transfer to private schools. However, there is a rising movement in Oregon to implement a voucher system.

A system like this would allow parents to use taxpayer funds to pay for any school. "I definitely believe there will be more political support for a voucher system or some type of tax subsidy for private schools," she said.

Many local parents, whatever the expense, do not want their children to learn radical gender ideology. "All they need is for us not to speak up for what we think," Duncan said of ideologues. "And they'll keep taking little pieces at a time until they have complete control."

These people promoting all the sin are lost souls following their god Satan!, I pray that the Lord God opens your eyes before it is too late!


SRH: Satan Soldier Biden Rolls Out Red Carpet for Evil Transgender Dude in White House

The midterm elections in 2022 are expected to be so disastrous for Democrats that President Biden invited a transgender activist to the White House for assistance.

On Thursday, Dylan Mulvaney, a biological man who believes he is a girl, interviewed the president inside the White House. Watch the video below.

Mulvaney, a TikTok celebrity, shared before and after footage on social media. Later this weekend, the White House is expected to release video and images from the interview.

“Today is Day 222 of Being a Girl. I’m in Washington, DC, and I’m going to the White House to meet with President Obama!!! Well, you know what they say about flying too close to the sun. That’s how I feel today because I’m going to meet with Joe Biden. And nowThis News and I get to ask him a few questions about trans issues in the United States, as well as chat to him about my trans-ness, and I really just want to represent my community as best I can,” he added.

“And you know what, as ridiculous as I am on here, I’m willing to stand up and prove that trans people are not going away,” he stated. “And trans children deserve a fighting opportunity to be themselves.”

Mulvaney then revealed his attire for the White House visit.

“Here you have it. “These are the trans flag colors,” he explained, wearing a white blouse and cape with a pink kerchief, pale blue pants, and white platforms. “Right. So high heels. Okay.”

Demonic Trans Activists Rally Against Conservatives in Nashville, These subhuman Antichrist animals are scary.

Sources: ET  HNewsWire  HNewsWire

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