Are we seeing the set up for the 10 kings ruling with the beast empire? It does appear so. And if we are where I believe we are in HIS-story it is the next step in God's prophetic word.

So is the real reason for all the confusion and wrong doing regarding our voting process really just a way to wake people up so the process can be fixed? Or is it possible that this is being done because it's time for a new Constitution... for the whole world? To bring to pass the 7th head empire Rev.17 refers to.

Let's look at some of the particulars and find out.

We know that our voting system has been abused for a long time. In fact I have a book that was written in the 80's about little known facts about lots of things. And in it the author showed that our votes have been counted in Spain since before then. And we see now that the vote is being manipulated right out in the open for anyone who cares to see. But, was previously hidden from most of us for decades.

We also know that a case is being brought to the SCOTUS this Jan.6th that deals with the oath of office taken by gov't officials. An oath that makes them liable for removal from office if it is proven that they violated that oath.

But, if they are removed from their office how and when will these 385 members of Congress and the entire executive branch be replaced? Is there a Constitutional remedy for this? Will the military have to take over in the interim as Q has been saying for a couple years now? Is this what continuity of gov't means? And will this cause a Constitutional crisis?

We also know that during Trump's 1st term he helped bring to the world a set of laws known as the Abraham Accords and the Noahide laws. Will these become the foundation for the laws of the new empire? The 7th head on the beast?

Looking at Rev.17 we see how this new global gov't empire comes to power. It starts with God putting into the minds of the people that are "of the world" (the beast system of which the believer is not a part) to agree with rulers described as 10 horns and 10 kings. These 10 kings will hate and destroy and burn with fire the woman that has been riding the beast system since 325AD.

When this happens it will happen very fast. So fast in fact that Rev.17 says it will be in "one hour". Here's the text-

And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings ONE HOUR with the beast. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast." Rev.17:12,13.

We also see that this 7th head empire rules for only a "short space". How short this short space may be can be deduced by considering a couple of factors. 1 is if Apophis, the very large mass slated to hit the earth in the early part of 2029, is the wormwood of the Bible. And 2 that this wormwood event happens around the middle of the 3 1/2 year great tribulation. If true, this would mean that we now have somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 years for this 7th head empire to come to power and rule before antichrist comes to power.

If true then what we are watching is the creation of the Constitutional crisis that will allow for the ushering in of a new Constitution for the whole earth. Something Trump alluded to while he was in office saying that the awakening we are seeing happen means the freedom he promotes is "not just for Americans. But, for the whole world".

Add to this the fact that Trump got rid of the sovereignty destroying TPP agreement Obama signed. Only to replace it with what is an equally sovereignty destroyer called the USMCA agreement. An agreement that in effect erases the borders between Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

This means that all of the hoopla about the border invasion is an apparent distraction. Because it is the intent of the participants in the USMCA agreement to make these countries into one regional gov't. But, what does this say about our current Constitution? The one our founder's told us was "only good for a moral and religious people. And is wholly inadequate for the gov't of any other"?

Add to this Trump's acceptance, and even promotion of, the sodomite community. Having a party recently to celebrate the so called "log cabin republicans" at his Mar A Lago home. And his love for everything 5G shown by his signing into law the funding for it being built all across our country.

So as we are seeing the completed destruction of the moral fiber of our nation. As well as the tools to bring about the DEAGLE report's depopulation from over 300 million to under 100 million by 2025. To help facilitate the destruction of the Constitutional gov't our founder's gave us to make way for a borderless Americas under Trump's USMCA.

Now enter the Brunson case set to be heard by the SCOTUS in January.

And the Constitutional crisis it's outcome may well bring to pass. It's entirely possible that if the court acts as it should there will be a disruption in our gov't, well deserved I believe, that may cause a Constitutional crisis. Because after removing these criminals who will be brought in to replace them? And what Constitutional method can be used to ensure the kind of seamless transition our vote has done in the past?

Will it be the military that has to take over? And will those actors who now occupy those positions simply step aside and allow themselves to be arrested? Remember, we have been told by Q that this has all been a movie. And we know that Buyden and others are actors made up to look like them. Will these actors complete their role by walking away in handcuffs?

And in the midst of all of this the woman that rides the beast will come to her prophesied fiery end.

So that the world is finally after almost 2,000 years free from her grasp. To be joined as one under a new Constitution for all the peoples of earth. The 10 kings ruling with the beast.

Paul makes what seems to be a reference to this time writing in 1Thes.5:3 that the people of the world will then be "saying peace and safety". So it appears that many will believe that the promised millennial reign has begun. As so many have reported they believe is coming to pass.

But, Paul says they will be disappointed. Because while they are saying peace and safety sudden destruction comes upon the world "as travail upon a woman with child, and they shall not escape."

So this time immediately following the woman's destruction when they are saying peace and safety is not what they think it is. It is not the millennial reign of Christ through His people. It is actually a lead up to the takeover of the antichrist by those who listen to the god of this world, satan. A time when deception has been, and will be, the rule. Using lying signs and wonders. Causing all those who loved not the truth to be damned by their allegiance with the world. And ultimately with antichrist himself.

1st and foremost of these in Paul's teaching is that which calls itself christian, but has actually believed the doctrine of antichrist John spoke of in 1John4:1-3. A doctrine that denies that Jesus came in the same flesh all men have as Heb.2:14 clearly says He did. Showing that they who believe this lie have not God as John said in 2John1:7-11.

So since the goal is the 10 kings with the beast system Rev.17 tells us about, all the things we are seeing in the natural now are not what they appear. The psyops that are coming from every side are there to deceive so people will believe antichrist when he comes.

They are not there to help us in our relationship with God. Or to prepare us for Jesus when He comes. This is where the Biblical understanding of who God is, who Jesus is, and what the atonement is for protects us from all the deception. And makes it possible for us to stand when everyone else is being prepared to bow to antichrist.

Bowing to him because they never came to love the truth because Satan's gnostic lie of sin nature and original sin took them away from it. The truth that Jesus had to die because as God only He could conquer death. And with death conquered all who will believe in Him could be free from death's power.

It was our mortality that Jesus came to deliver us from. To make us immortal by giving us His gift of eternal life. So even though the world is being plunged headlong into the great tribulation under the pseudo morality of the Noahide Laws and Abraham Accords. We who have believed in salvation by grace through faith without works have all we need to overcome anything the devil may try to throw at us.

So while people who love this life more than the life God offers are fighting over the scraps from the devil's table. Using deception and subterfuge to gain advantage over others so they can have those scraps. We who know our God and His absolutely unconditional love have willingly given up those things for our home in heaven. Needing only to say yes with our free will to receive the gift of immortality that Jesus offers all men.

It is because of this that they have no hold over us like those who reject God's gift of eternal life. They have no allure by which to draw us because we are not led by the flesh but by the Spirit of God. So that the pseudo peace and safety of the 7th empire is seen by us who trust in Jesus as the set up it really is. And we will not be carried away in it's promises of a better world.

And if you have not trusted in Jesus you can do it now. And as time is short for the Lord to come and take His called out ones home, it is incumbent upon you that you do it now. By turning from a life of choices that have kept you from knowing Him. And make the one choice to be joined with Him in His resurrection by faith.

A free will choice to confess that Jesus is Lord.A free will choice that also believes He has raised from the dead. Understanding that Jesus came in the same flesh all men have because He had to so He could destroy the devil who held the keys of the death that he used to keep us in fear of our mortality all our lives. By joining with men in our death to conquer it by His resurrection.

If you will believe in Jesus

you will be born of the Spirit to be made a child of God. His child who then becomes His heir to His kingdom. If you will believe in Jesus to accept His gift you will have eternal life. If you will do this... then I will see you there or in the air!


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