ACLU: Transfer Transgender Prison Inmate To women’s Facility By Summer


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The Bible talks of “the ungodly” as those who are separated from God. Ungodliness is the condition of being polluted with sin. To be ungodly is to act in a way that is contrary to the nature of God, to actively oppose God in disobedience, or to have an irreverent disregard for God. The Bible often speaks of “the flesh” in reference to things that emanate from our sinful natures. The acts of the flesh and the desires of the world fall under the category of ungodliness.

Second Peter 3:7 says that the ungodly will face judgment. Revelation 20:14–15 says, “Then death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. The lake of fire is the second death. Anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire.” Ultimately, those who reject God—the ungodly—will be separated from Him forever.

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Revealing FACTS on the ACLU
from its own writings

Ever notice how the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) seems to take on only cases that are anti-Christian – pro-sodomy, pro-abortion, anti-family, pro-pornography, pro-prostitution, pro-euthanasia, pro-homosexual, pro-infanticide, pro-crime, pro-humanism, anti-God — and, except for atheism, anti-religion?

It calls itself the American Civil Liberties Union, but the ACLU is not American; it is uncivil (to the unborn, which are shredded mercilessly to pieces without anesthetic); and it knows nothing of true liberty, which can only be found in Jesus Christ, when one is set free from the bondage of all the SIN this evil organization PROMOTES!

Stated Goals

The ACLU’s founder, Roger Baldwin, stated: “We are for SOCIALISM, disarmament, and ultimately for abolishing the state itself… We seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class, and the SOLE CONTROL of those who produce wealth. COMMUNISM is the goal.” (Source: Trial and Error, by Geo. Grant)

The ACLU is destructive to the fabric of our society. Christians must recognize Satan as the source – the instigator – when the end results of an organization’s efforts are only “to kill, to steal, and to destroy.” All we need to is examine the (rotten) fruit.

Following are some of the stated goals of the ACLU, from its own published Policy Issues:

the legalization of prostitution (Policy 211);

the defense of all pornography, including CHILD PORN, as “free speech” (Policy 4);

the decriminalization and legalization of all drugs (Policy 210);

the promotion of homosexuality (Policy 264);

the opposition of rating of music and movies (Policy 18);

opposition against parental consent of minors seeking abortion (Policy 262);

opposition of informed consent preceding abortion procedures (Policy 263);

opposition of spousal consent preceding abortion (Policy 262);

opposition of parental choice in children’s education (Policy 80)

— not to mention the defense and promotion of euthanasia, polygamy, government control of church institutions, gun control, tax-funded abortion, birth limitation, etc. (Policies 263, 133, 402, 47, 261, 323, 271, 91, 85).

Following is a case in point (from David Barton’s “America: To Pray or Not to Pray”).

In 1988, California was considering adopting legislation on sex education for public schools requiring that course material and
instruction should stress that monogamous heterosexual intercourse within marriage is a traditional American value.

The Senator promoting the bill received a letter of protest from the ACLU dated April 18, 1988 stating:

   "It is our position that monogamous, heterosexual intercourse within marriage 
   as a traditional American value is an unconstitutional establishment of religious 
   doctrine in public schools.... We believe [this bill] violates the First Amendment."

Truth is, liberals are unwilling to simply let others be, but rather seek to impose their UNgodliness upon Christians. It is a mission to
them and other atheists to pervert the freedoms of others. The ACLU does not run to the defense of those who are harmed; it aggressively
seeks out opportunities to corrupt pure freedoms.


How does the ACLU pay for its activities?

George Grant, author of “Trial and Error,” puts the ACLU’s annual budget (1993) at $14 MILLION (FOURTEEN MILLION DOLLARS) – much of which is “SUPPLIED BY THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER through the Federal program mandated by the Civil Rights Attorneys’ Fee Awards Act of 1976. If the ACLU wins a case that involves a public institution, for instance, the organization collects the full legal fees of its attorneys even though those attorneys offered their services pro bono (without charge).


1993 membership in the ACLU was 250,000 members, with 70 staff lawyers, and 5,000 volunteer attorneys, handling an average of 6,000 cases at any one time.

You can read about the ACLU at the ACLU’s official web site:

The N.C. Department of Public Safety will move a transgender female inmate to a women’s facility by this summer, according to a letter to her attorney.

Kanautica Zayre-Brown has been incarcerated in North Carolina men’s facilities for more than a year, a violation of federal law, according to the ACLU of North Carolina, which is representing her and announced her pending transfer in a news release Friday.

The move is believed to be a first for North Carolina. Zayre-Brown’s supporters repeatedly called on Gov. Roy Cooper to take her out of dangerous confinement and to address the safety of other transgender prisoners within the state’s system.

“I feel good that there is a plan in place, but I will feel much better when my transfer is finalized,” Zayre-Brown said in the release. “My mental health is still depleting, and I would have broken a long time ago if it weren’t for the community behind me. They give me the strength to keep going.”

In a letter to ACLU staff attorney Sneha Shah, a Department of Public Safety attorney said Zayre-Brown will be transferred no later than Aug. 22, 2019. It did not name a facility.

“An August move will allow DPS to continue researching and implementing best practices from the states that have transferred transgender women to female facilities,” according to the letter from DPS general counsel Jane Ammons Gilchrist.

In its release, the ACLU said its fight isn’t over.

“Each day that Kanautica is held in a men’s facility is a day that her constitutional rights are violated and her health compromised,” said Chase Strangio, attorney for the ACLU’s LGBT & HIV Project. “We will stay vigilant until she is transferred and then for the rest of her sentence until she is released. So many trans women across the country — particularly Black trans women — are funneled into the criminal legal system where they face severe risk of harm once incarcerated. Our community is under attack and we are working to minimize that violence.”

Zayre-Brown belongs in a women’s facility, Shah said in the release.

“It should never have taken this long for officials to recognize that Kanautica’s health, safety, and dignity are all jeopardized by keeping her in a men’s facility,” Shah said. “We will keep fighting to make sure that she is transferred to a women’s facility as soon as possible.”

The ACLU sent officials a letter on March 4 demanding Zayre-Brown’s transfer.

In 2017, Zayre-Brown went to prison as a habitual felon, convicted of insurance fraud and obtaining property by false pretenses, The News & Observer has reported.

In February, Zayre-Brown told the newspaper she has had to fight to receive hormone treatments, and she showers and dresses among male inmates and is issued men’s underwear. The state recognizes her as male and refers to her by her birth name, Kevin Chestnut, which she had legally changed.

Zayre-Brown was moved on March 28 to Warren Correctional Institution in Manson, where she has been housed in a single cell instead of an open dormitory, DPS spokesman John Bull said by email Friday night.

Earlier this year, Jeremy Collins, the director of community engagement for Cooper, said the governor had contacted DPS director Erik Hooks about a remedy for transgender prisoners.

APRIL 01, 2019 12:08 PM

Kanautica Zayre-Brown, right, is believed to be North Carolina’s only post-operative transgender inmate. She and her husband Dionne Brown, left, worry about the potential for assaults in a male prison.

Kanautica Zayre-Brown, right, is believed to be North Carolina’s only post-operative transgender inmate. She and her husband Dionne Brown, left, worry about the potential for assaults in a male prison.COURTESY OF DIONNE BROWN

Generally speaking, the ungodly are those who do not know God through Jesus Christ. They have rejected God’s Son and remain in their sins. Those who are in Christ have their sins forgiven and are becoming more godly. Believers naturally seek to remove all ungodliness from their lives (1 John 3:9).

StevieRay Hansen

It is impossible to find anyone in the Bible who was a power for God who did not have enemies and was not hated.

Like Joseph and Daniel of the Old Testament who served secular kings, we are called to serve everyone and help them fulfill their divine destiny. Jesus made it clear that people who want to lead or be great must be the servants of all. Serving is the way of leadership in the kingdom.

Forcing our way onto the world is not great leadership. Some accuse us of doing this very thing because we speak up on moral issues. It is important that we speak up on issues, but it’s also equally important that we love everyone no matter their persuasions.

Someday Jesus will rule the world; in the meantime, we should just serve well and let our good works speak of our Father who loves everyone.

Evil Exists So Spiritual Warfare Becomes Necessary!


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