Do Virginia Democrats Realize They Are Only Disarming Themselves by Passing More Gun Laws?


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Patriots Refuse to Comply… Guess Who Will Hold All the Guns When the Uprising Begins…

Thanks in large part to mass immigration, the state of Virginia, where so many of our founders and early presidents came from, turned blue in November.

And newly empowered Democrats are already overplaying their hand, alienating the vast majority of their state with promises to pass new, grossly restrictive gun control laws that will include a “red flag” statute empowering judges and police to take guns from people before they commit crimes and potential confiscations of ‘assault’ weapons. 

The threats of new gun control legislation have led more than 100 jurisdictions to declare themselves “Second Amendment sanctuaries” — local measures stating that they won’t assist state authorities in enforcing the new laws, much like the very same Virginia Democrats refuse to allow their police in “sanctuary cities” to assist federal immigration authorities with criminal matters concerning illegal aliens.

And now, in response, Democrats are planning some revenge. Rather than honor and respect the Constitution, they are doubling down and insulting it even further.

As The Truth About Guns reported

Virginia Democrats, humiliated by a Second Amendment sanctuary movement sweeping the Old Dominion, are now looking to retaliate against gun owners who openly carry their sidearms into the state capitol complex.

The site notes that Virginia is one of the few states where residents can legally open-carry firearms into the capitol building to address grievances to lawmakers.

Now, however, that right is in danger of being taken away, which also won’t sit well with Virginians.

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According to the Virginia Mercury

Incoming House of Delegates Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn confirmed Thursday that Democrats have discussed the possibility of banning guns on Capitol Square through the rules resolutions that will be one of the first orders of business when new Democratic majorities convene in Richmond. 

“That’s definitely something that we have discussed amongst us,” she said in an interview. “But we’re not willing to say what direction we’re going in.”

Why wouldn’t she be ‘willing to say’ what Democrats are planning to do? 

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Are Democrats trying to start a civil war in Virginia?

You see, this is the problem with her party: Abject arrogance. Democrats are quick to forget that they are not in power to serve themselves, they are there to serve the people who elected them. And secondarily, they are there to serve their state; how are they doing that if they are scheming against their own citizens by refusing to tell them they are plotting to take away a well-established right? (Related: The answer to tyranny is suddenly obvious: 2A sanctuaries and armed militias in every county, every state across America.)

Now is not the time for politics; it’s time for leadership. And Democrats are setting state authorities up for war against the very citizens they are sworn to protect and serve.

That’s because, as The Truth About Guns reports, thousands of Virginians are expected to be in the capital, on the Capitol’s grounds, in just a few weeks for the annual Virginia Citizens Defense League Lobby Day. 

The event has routinely drawn about 1,000 people who are armed and who listen to speeches about gun rights before breaking up and meeting with lawmakers. Much larger crowds are expected for the upcoming event. 

“Lobby Day 2020 is now expected by some to draw as many as 10,000 people—many of them armed. A TTAG survey shows that many hotels in the Richmond area are now reporting a scarcity of rooms available for January 19th, the day before the event,” The Truth About Guns reported.

So, what’s going to happen? Normally, gun owners are law-abiding people. But clearly, even the law-abiding gun owners in Virginia are not supportive of Democrat gun control laws that everyone knows will do nothing to reduce crime. In fact, such laws are only liable to create new criminals — by the millions. 

Second Amendment sanctuaries could very easily turn into armed encampments where defenders of the Constitution and liberty finally tell gun-grabbing Democrats ‘enough is enough.’

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Disarm the people, their fate- slaves to the state, get in the railcar, Hitler’s playbook…

The next thing the socialist/communist rhino RNCs- Anti-American DNCs will do is burn books that state facts about Confederates like the brown shirts in Germany did. After all, they use every branch of the government to go after their political opponents. That is who they are, it defines them… “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” –George Orwell

Virginia Democrats Call for Robert E. Lee Statue to Be Removed from U.S. Capitol.

Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam has indicated that he supports a request from Democratic Reps. Jennifer Wexton and A. Donald McEachin to remove the statue, according to The Washington Post.  Passage of such a proposal is possible because Democrats will control Virginia’s legislature in 2020.

Lee is currently one of two statues representing Virginia in the National Statuary Hall Collection. The other is George Washington, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Lee’s statue has been in the Capitol since 1909,

Wexton and McEachin called on Northam to act in a letter to the governor, noting that the Lee statue is among those erected at a time when other statues to Confederate leaders were being built.

“These statues aimed to rewrite Lee’s reputation from that of a cruel slave owner and Confederate General to portraying him as a kind man and reluctant war hero who selflessly served his home state of Virginia,” they wrote in their letter.x

“As Virginians, we have a responsibility to not only learn from but also confront our history,” they went on. “As part of this responsibility, we must strive for a more complete telling of history by raising up the voices, stories, and memories of minorities and people of color.”

Northam spokesman Alena Yarmosky said in a statement that Northam supports the plan.

“This is something the governor has long wanted to do — he is looking forward to working with the congressional delegation and members of the General Assembly to get it done this year,” the statement said, according to The Post.

Wexton said the Lee statue does not represent Virginia.

“Having Robert E. Lee represents us in the Capitol is not an accurate depiction of the commonwealth of Virginia today. Nor is it an accurate description of the entirety of our history. There’s so much more to Virginia than the Confederacy,” she said.

Republican state Sen. William M. Stanley Jr. mocked the proposal as “unbelievable yet predictable.”

“And while they are at it, they should wheel out the marble George Washington statue,” Stanley said. “What’s next? Are he and Wexton going to ask Ralph to knock down the old Capitol building because it was designed by Thomas Jefferson?” he said.

Arkansas and Florida have already beaten Virginia to the punch by planning to replace existing statues. Arkansas is replacing statues of Confederate lawyer Uriah Milton Rose and former Gov. James P. Clarke, known for his racist beliefs, with civil rights leader Daisy Bates and legendary singer Johnny Cash. Florida will swap its statue of Confederate Gen. Edmund Kirby Smith with one of civil rights leader Mary McLeod Bethune.

A refreshing reminder that leftists are effectively erasing America’s heritage as an important step in transforming America into a socialist state. 

destroying monuments is becoming a national sport in America with little outcry and support from the media.  Leftists have become the Taliban, which is no surprise since the goals are similar.  When attempting to force a twisted worldview on society, overthrowing perceived enemies and any connection to a different past is essential.  

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When a 200-year old monument of Christopher Columbus was smashed in Baltimore a couple of years back, a sign was hung on it that read, “The future is racial and economic justice.”  In case anyone thought this was just America’s youth acting out as opposed to Marxist-inspired destruction, the act was narrated on YouTube and referenced “capitalist exploitation of labor.” 

The leftists started with Confederate monuments, which made a good test to see what kind of resistance they would face.  It was a crafty and evil first play.  The statue destroyers weren’t terribly discriminating. Monuments to peace and to those who opposed slavery were torn down next to the others.

Kicking a toppled Confederate monument in Durham, NC (Twitter)

Few Americans roused themselves to resist, especially after media lies and manipulation around Charlottesville. 

The Left’s effort was never about destroying America’s legacy of slavery.  Democrats have been on the side of slavery and then racism at every turn in America’s history.  They were simply starting with the easiest target to normalize their far more insidious goal, which was overthrowing America’s attachment to its history and the ideals this represented.

The shock effect is long gone.  Tearing down a statue in America is now treated as little more than background noise.  This attack on American history will not end until every monument that can’t be co-opted for the leftist agenda is overthrown.

Of course, it starts before the toppling of the statues.  While on the official tour for George Washington’s Mount Vernon homestead, it was hard not to notice that more time was spent talking about Washington the slave owner than Washington the great general or founding father. 

The momentum to overthrow a national icon starts subtly, but it builds once the ground is set.  Tear down Columbus and then start mentioning Washington’s history fighting American Indians.  He becomes just another offender of a mythical “Indigenous People’s Day.” This couples nicely with the already rampant attacks on him as a slave owner.  It was seen as good news when a San Francisco school chose only to cover a George Washington mural instead of destroying it.     

My daughter recently told me that she was writing an essay on Thomas Jefferson in her high school class.  The topic?  Jefferson’s problematic history with slavery.  That Jefferson is the author of the Declaration of Independence and one of history’s greatest thinkers is irrelevant in the leftist mind.    

Icons are flawed men and women of their time.  But, they are icons because they did something great and meaningful for America.  We study George Washington and Thomas Jefferson because of the incredible contributions these great men made to freedom, liberty, and self-governance.  The Left uses them as an opportunity to destroy America. 

It’s not just monuments on the menu of destruction.  Kate Smith is a woman who was once awarded the Presidential Medal of Honor for her patriotism and powerful renditions of Irving Berlin’s “God Bless America.”  Her statues are now being torn down even as teams like the Yankees and Flyers refuse to play a song that was once representative of America itself. 

A colleague told me that he considers Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A.” to be a racist anthem because it is sung by people he considers racists.  If such a thing existed, I’m sure he would gladly tear down a Greenwood statue.  But, that’s not necessary.  There is already cultural pressure to avoid playing Greenwood’s powerful patriotic anthem in any place that is not a distinctly conservative setting.  The very idea of being patriotic and proud of America is under attack.    

All of this is an attempt to erase America’s history and it should be opposed fiercely.   It is part of the overall effort to undermine America’s values and freedom and is par for the course on the socialist menu.  It is also the toxic offspring of political correctness and racial tribalism.  It all serves the same purpose, which is the fundamental transformation of America into a Marxist state.

If you can damage Thomas Jefferson enough, then the Declaration of Independence must be compromised by extension.  I was mildly surprised when touring the University of Virginia recently that our tour guide spoke so positively about Thomas Jefferson and what he meant to the school.  That won’t last.  In a few years, that beloved statue will be either covered or vandalized, which will serve as a depressing bookend in the same town where American statue destruction exploded into the national consciousness.      

Over the last 100+ years, they have slowly been changing the history books being taught in our public schools to bend the minds of our children to their ways of thinking and eliminating teaching the concepts of the US Constitution. Your grandparents would no longer recognize the history that is being taught and what is being left out. According to Stanley Kurtz of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, liberal elements in the education sector are putting a new spin on American history in an attempt to hijack the history of the U.S. for future leftist political gains. To underscore this, he mentions that a group of some 56 history professors from across the U.S. recently published an open letter objecting to the College Board’s new Advanced Placement U.S. History exam.  The exam, they wrote, “shortchanges students by imposing on them an arid, fragmentary, and misleading account of American history.” The letter states that “Educators and the public have been willing to trust the College Board to strike a sensible balance among different approaches to the American past.  Rather than issuing detailed guidelines, the College Board has in the past furnished a brief topical outline for teachers, leaving them free to choose what to emphasize.

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 In addition, the previous AP U.S. History course featured a strong insistence on content, i.e., on the students’ acquisition of extensive factual knowledge of American history.  But with the new 2014 framework, the College Board has put forward a lengthy 134-page document which repudiates that earlier approach, centralizes control, deemphasizes content, and promotes a particular interpretation of American history,” the letter concludes. They point out that “there are notable political or ideological biases inherent in the 2014 framework, and certain structural innovations that will inevitably result in an imbalance in the test, and bias in the course. Chief among these is the treatment of American national identity.” Kurtz believes that this change is an attempt to “internationalize” the nation’s past in the minds of young learners.  The College Board disagrees and says that its new test is an attempt to provide balance for teachers and students. Knowing our history helps create our future.  The history of America helps us to understand what made our country so powerful and influential.

  The U.S. is envied and emulated throughout the world in one form or another.  Any attempt to revise our country’s past is bound to limit and impede progress in the future. Changing our history may help a select few maintain power, but ultimately will destroy our country as it has to so many others in the past. The new history exam for high schoolers is being influenced by people who lead the movement to internationalize U.S. history, such as NYU history professor Thomas Bender.  Mr. Bender is a self-described proponent of what he calls “transnational connections and the global framing of the history of North America, beginning with earliest European ventures out onto the Atlantic to the present.” What that means is he is a complete critic of American exceptionalism, which is the notion that America is freer and more democratic than any other nation, and for that reason, a model at times (depending who is in office) the chief defender of freedom and self-government around the world. American exceptionalism is real.  

Whether people accept it or not, it’s a fact that, unlike any other nation on the planet, America is a true melting pot, a safe haven for people of all nationalities.  People came here from around the world to help themselves and their families but ended up helping to create a nation that became the envy of the world. People like Bender would rather we look at this country through the eyes of our enemies in order to give us what he calls perspective.   “Americans have always found it difficult to imagine themselves as an enemy, as a problem for other people,” he contends. Bender’s view of our history is that Columbus and his successors didn’t discover America so much as they discovered ‘the ocean world,’ a new global community united by the oceans. The oceans, in turn, made possible the slave trade and the birth of modern capitalism, which improved the lives of Europeans, but brought exploitation and tragic injustice to the rest of the world.  In other words, Bender wants early American history to be less about the Pilgrims, Plymouth Colony, and John Winthrop’s ‘City on a Hill’ speech, and more about the role of the plantation economy and the slave trade in the rise of an intrinsically exploitative international capitalism. You will find this same point of view in the speeches of the liberal politicians running our country and others in positions of power throughout our society. They know, as Hitler did, that if you can brainwash the children to your point of view you can stay in power for a long, long time.  The history of our country is irreversible.  No one has the right to misrepresent the facts.  Those who would pervert the past for political objectives in the future with intellectual claptrap cannot be allowed to succeed in brainwashing our children in their classrooms.

If you can do enough damage to the founding fathers, then it is far easier to overthrow the Constitution, or just ignore it. 

1) a “Successful” Assassination of President Trump… As political coexistence collapses across America due to the lawless, mentally ill Leftists who have abandoned every pillar of civil society, civil war is just one ignition event away.

#2) A Senate conviction of Trump and his removal from office by the treasonous Republican party

If the Senate Republicans turn on Trump and convict him for “obstruction of Congress,” it will set off a nationwide revolt against all the criminals in Washington D.C., Republicans and Democrats alike. Fortunately, it currently appears that the Senate will vote to exonerate President Trump once Nancy Pelosi stops delaying and sends the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate for the impeachment trial.

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Adding to these concerns, the Small Business in Transportation Coalition ( recently issued a press release warning that radical Leftist, in the aftermath of Trump being exonerated by the Senate, is expected to invoke “violent reactions” that could lead to nationwide disruptions in the deliveries of food, fuel, and medical supplies. The organization is now warning of a “super supply chain crisis” due to truckers intentionally avoiding areas of conflict as America descends into regional civil war.

  America is the last standing beacon of light for freedom, freedom to worship, and a God-given right …

Prophecy Unfolding Before Our Eyes in Real-Time

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Prophecy Unfolding Before Our Eyes in Real-Time

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StevieRay Hansen

God often uses men who are not of the best moral character. Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar, Cyrus, Herod, and Trump (amongst others), to accomplish His will in events He orchestrates during human history. We either trust the sovereignty of God or we don’t. Nothing happens apart from Him…

The best index to a person’s character is how he treats people who can’t do him any good, and how he treats people who can’t fight back…

The Birth Pains Are Growing Stronger….

One of the signs of ruling class collapse is when they can no longer enforce the rules that maintain them as a ruling class. When the Romans started making exceptions to republican governance, it was a matter of time before someone simply decided the rules no longer applied to them. Perhaps the robot historians will consider Obama our Marius or Sulla. Maybe that person is in the near future. Either way, the rule of law is over and what comes next is the rule of men.

“Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.” Outlaw Josey Wales

“Man will ultimately be governed by God or by tyrants.” as in Nancy Pelosi (D-San Fran-feces)

My name is Steve Meyers and I need to share a vision and warning that the Lord showed me back in April 2007….

Many of you will ask why I waited so long to share the warning. I didn’t. I shared the story with everyone that would listen from pastors to friends to family to colleagues. Immediately following the initial vision, I called a close friend. I told him to sit down that I had something to tell him. I needed it documented as I knew this was supernatural and from God. As I witness events unfolding today, I need to share the vision again.

The risk of loss in trading futures and options on futures can be substantial. The author does not guarantee the accuracy of the above information, although it is believed that the sources are reliable and the information accurate. The author assumes no liability or responsibility for direct or indirect, special, consequential or incidental damages or for any other damages relating or arising out of any action taken as a result of any information or advice contained in this commentary. The author disclaims any express or implied liability or responsibility for any action taken, which is solely at the liability and responsibility of the user. Steve Meyers, StevieRay Hansen

The Un-Godly — Those That Suppress the Truth, the social media giants built multi-billion dollar empires by giving everyone a voice, but now that they have such a dominant position on the Internet they have decided that many prominent conservative voices should be completely silenced.
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Our government has been overthrown. As evidenced by Trump’s capitulation on the border, his recent servitude to the GMO industry and his acquiescence to the warmongers, our President has been compromised. Our liberties are being eliminated one by one. Gun confiscation is next. The Constitution is gasping its last breaths. Our borders are destroyed and our culture has been turned upside down by every perversion known to man.

They are everyone you can’t stand, from gun prohibitionists and Socialists to the corrupt mainstream media, large social media outlets, Hollywood, and our institutions of higher education, to name but a few. They are anyone working against our GOD Given freedoms, rights, constitution, etc.

It’s interesting when you connect the dots, the masses are opposed to God’s blueprint and therefore will bring destruction upon the earth intentionally. Me, I, mine, narcissists generation will bring total destruction upon God’s people, only the chosen will survive, we live in evil times, dress appropriately, put on the full armor of God!….

Force is now the only rule remaining in deep state-controlled America. Everything else has collapsed. There is no free speech, no fair trial, no system of justice, no reasonable expectation of human rights anywhere, no fair elections, no honest news, no honest Wall Street operations, no real public education, no clean food, and threats from the elitist, the power structure that is hell-bent on bringing the New World order into the reality of the sleeping masses, get woke or get yoked, the choice still lives in the people’s hands. Next, the AntiChrist will appear with many empty promises, peace, and security, in reality, it’s the yoking of mankind, We are on the Doorstep of the Great Tribulations…

The prophet does not confuse truth with consensus. The prophet does not confuse God’s word with the word of those who happen to hold power at present, or with the opinion of the majority. This is because powerholders and the majority can fall victim to a lying spirit-and this means a power that actually seizes the majority of experts, the political leadership, and the public.

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I just saw the best news site I ever saw in my life. I never saw so much news and videos and links in my life. You have to go to Whatfinger News. , here – – click this I bet you found your go-to news site from here on.

Thanks to people like Pastor Steven Anderson and the choir of preachers he has assembled within the New Independent Fundamentalist Baptist movement there has been a resurgence in what is called the Reprobate Doctrine. A Biblical doctrine that demonstrates in scripture, that God will turn people over to their vile lifestyles as a curse, blinding them to salvation in Jesus, giving them over to a devil’s hell for eternity. A doctrine that I believe is completely Biblical and defined by the Apostle Paul in Romans 1 is unmistakably visceral language.

Steve Quayle – Giants – Dead Scientists – Gold Metals – Radio …

About the Author
Dave Hodges

Dave Hodges has been publishing the Common Sense Show since 2012. The Common Sense Show features a wide variety of important topics that range from the loss of constitutional liberties to the subsequent implementation of a police state under world governance, to exploring the limits of human potential. The primary purpose of The Common Sense Show is to provide Americans with the tools necessary to reclaim both our individual and national sovereignty.

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Let Me Make This Abundantly Clear. (I Am Apolitical) While I Have a General Distaste for Electric Cars and Politicians No Matter the Party They Belong To, I Am Unashamedly Politically a Bible Believing Conservative Christian. I Have a Severe Distrust of Government. I Believe It Is the Most Inefficient and Ineffective Way to Accomplish Most Things. While I Strongly Disagree with Liberals/Progressives and Conservative on Most Political Issues, and While I Believe Liberals/Progressives and Most Politicians Are Terribly Misguided and Naive About What Big Government Will Eventually Result In, I Strive to Not Question Their Motives. at the Same Time, While I Find Myself in Agreement with Conservative Politicians on Some Issues, I Do Not Believe Electing Republicans Is the Answer to Everything. for Me, Very Sadly, the Main Difference Between Republicans and Democrats Is How Quickly They Want to Drive the Car Towards the Cliff. Simply Put, I Do Not Believe the Government Is the Solution for Everything. I Do Not Place Any Faith, Trust, or Hope in Any Politicians to Fix What Is Wrong with the World. “Come Lord Jesus!” (Revelation 22:20) The prophet does not confuse truth with consensus. The prophet does not confuse God’s word with the word of those who happen to hold power at present, or with the opinion of the majority. This is because powerholders and the majority can fall victim to a lying spirit-and this means a power that actually seizes the majority of experts, the political leadership, and the public.StevieRay Hansen

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  1. Edwitness on December 29, 2019 at 3:41 am

    Excellent article Stevieray. They are attempting to destroy the foundations of what makes America exceptional. Because “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Which is why we hold to the truth that “The Lord is in his holy temple, the Lord’s throne is in heaven: his eyes behold, his eyelids try, the children of men.” Psalm11:3,4.

    It’s the same thing the pagan Gnostic Augustine’s doctrines have done to the church. They are so far removed from the teachings of the Bible that to the discerning Christian who knows God is in His holy temple trying the children of men, they bear not even the slightest resemblance. But, to those who are deceived by those false doctrines their foundations are being destroyed that make God God, Jesus Jesus, and the atonement the atonement. Leaving them reprobate while being deceived to think they have the truth.

    Even so… Maranatha!!

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