Watchman: God’s Free Will vs. Transhumanism: Humans Have a Soul or Spirit and Free Will, and No One Knows What’s Going On Within Each Other, Therefore Anything I Do, Whether in an Election or at the Store, Is My Free Choice. God Has Never Lost Any Battles, It’s All In the Bible, and He Will Not Now.  Gates, Sick Doctors, and Schwab be Very Scared

Revelations on How the Great Reset’s Driving Force, the World Economic Forum, Operates Behind the Scenes. SRH: A Message to the Elitist Who Believes That They Can Outsmart God and Reprogram Humanity, There’s Going to Be a Lot of Carnage in This Scrimmage. God’s the Ultimate Warrior; He’s Never Lost a Battle. That Means He Wins the Wars. Try Reading the Bible Again...   HNewsWire: WEF, Nothing more than an unelected international government quietly emerging from behind the curtain, eager to usurp your liberties and dictate how you should live. There's nothing to see here. Among the many wretched, slimy and odious things that are increasingly giving me the creeps as the sands of my life’s hourglass continue to fall is the World Economic Forum: a collective of self-righteous global elites handing down virtues, values, lessons, lectures and political initiatives...

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