Is China Harvesting DNA for Biological Warfare?


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FF Gene Biotech is a next generation DNA sequencing company in China and was founded by Fulgent Genetics which is a primary distributor of COVID-19 tests nationwide. As of January 12, 2021, LA county announced it’s intent on relying on Fulgent Genetics to provide covid tests moving forward. Little does America know, FF Gene Biotech has set up shop in China to conduct cutting edge research on next generation DNA sequencing.

The official relationship between the two companies is briefly explained on their site as follows:

FF Gene Biotech formed in 2017 through a Joint Venture between Fulgent Genetics, Xilong Scientific, and Fuzhou Jinqiang Investment Partnership (FJIP). The company was founded to bring Fulgent Genetics’ next-generation sequencing (NGS) capabilities to the Chinese genetic testing market. On May 10th, 2021, Fulgent Genetics acquired a majority stake in FF Gene Biotech. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

What do improvements in DNA sequencing mean for human health?

Researchers now are able to compare large stretches of DNA – 1 million bases or more – from different individuals quickly and cheaply. Such comparisons can yield an enormous amount of information about the role of inheritance in susceptibility to disease and in response to environmental influences. In addition, the ability to sequence the genome more rapidly and cost-effectively creates vast potential for diagnostics and therapies.

Although routine DNA sequencing in the doctor’s office is still many years away, some large medical centers have begun to use sequencing to detect and treat some diseases. In cancer, for example, physicians are increasingly able to use sequence data to identify the particular type of cancer a patient has. This enables the physician to make better choices for treatments.

Researchers in the NHGRI-supported Undiagnosed Diseases Program use DNA sequencing to try to identify the genetic causes of rare diseases. Other researchers are studying its use in screening newborns for disease and disease risk.

Moreover, The Cancer Genome Atlas project, which is supported by NHGRI and the National Cancer Institute, is using DNA sequencing to unravel the genomic details of some 30 cancer types. Another National Institutes of Health program examines how gene activity is controlled in different tissues and the role of gene regulation in disease. Ongoing and planned large-scale projects use DNA sequencing to examine the development of common and complex diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes, and in inherited diseases that cause physical malformations, developmental delay and metabolic diseases.

Comparing the genome sequences of different types of animals and organisms, such as chimpanzees and yeast, can also provide insights into the biology of development and evolution.

LA Sheriff Resigns Due to Fulgent Genetics CCP Ties

Founded by Chinese-American billionaire Ming Hsieh, Fulgent Genetics seems to be quite a popular COVID-19 testing provider for the United States. Los Angeles County sheriff Alex Villanueva said the FBI warned him and other county officials that Fulgent likely shares the health data it collects with the Chinese government.

“This letter is to inform you the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (Department) will not participate in COVID-19 registering or testing with Fulgent Genetics Corporation (Fulgent), due to the fact the DNA data obtained is not guaranteed to be safe and secure from foreign governments and ‘will likely be shared with the Republic of China,’” Villanueva wrote in the letter.

The sheriff said he was contacted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) weapons of mass destruction coordinator about Fulgent Genetics and met with the coordinator on Nov. 26.

Villaneuva said he was shocked to learn that the company had strong ties with BGI, WuXP, and Huawei Technology, all of which are linked to the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and the Peoples Republic of China State Council, which are under the control of the CCP.

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Los Angeles) asked Fulgent Genetics on Twitter on Nov. 30 about its privacy statement that declares the company may store, process, and transmit personal information in locations around the world, including locations outside of the country.

The no-bid contract signed between the county and Fulgent Genetics allows them to collect DNA data obtained from mandatory COVID-19 testing, for unknown purposes, Villanueva said. This has shattered all confidence the department’s personnel had in the process, he said.

U.S. officials have expressed concerns over state-sponsored harvesting of genetic data. China has collected DNA samples of Uyghurs, a repressed Muslim minority group, for surveillance purposes. The authoritarian regime is also building massive databases of genetic data from across the globe, which would give China an advantage in developing treatments for future pandemics.

A New Era of Biowarfare

Biowarfare isn’t a new thing; its been used throughout history. In the 4th century B.C., Scythian archers infected their arrows by dipping them in decomposed carcasses. In the 14th century, the Tartars catapulted plague-infected lifeless bodies into the lines of their enemies at the siege of Kaffa. And in World War II, the Imperial Japanese Army bombed Chinese cities with plague-ridden fleas.

This old school form of biological warfare is child’s play in comparison to modern advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and genomics. We are entering a new and dangerous era in warfare, and we’re supposed to believe that this is a natural pandemic. Anyone who actually cares to absorb knowledge wouldn’t rule out the possibility that modern advances in science could potentially lead us to biological warfare.

We have to understand that if someone has a copy of your DNA sequence, they have a copy of all individual characteristics. AI and genomics enable DNA manipulation to help the human body fight all kinds of diseases, this same technology can also be used to create unique pathogens that only impact specific people. DNA-specific weapons can target a race, a gender, or even a family or individual with a specific DNA structure.

Anyone advocating for vaccinations is coming from a naive perspective and takes no interest in international politics. Knowing this has helped me know when it’s not worth the energy to elaborate on my views. The reality is this, the CCP is looking for more and more power. Undeniably, America is weakened in light of political tension and vaccine efficacy debate.

Fulgent provides coronavirus testing for numerous school districts, including New York City and Las Vegas, and has contracts with the Utah Department of Health and the Houston Health Department. The company has blatant ties to the CCP, especially considering you can’t run a business in China without accomplishing the tasks of the CCP. It all adds up to an elaborate display of global biological warfare. Stay inquisitive in the word of God, and the world around you.

With growing technological innovation, more man power is required to manage it and create new “worlds” for the masses to sleep in. Augmented reality is a form of superposition that all but followers of Jesus would like to see implemented for humanity in the near future.

According to statistics gathered by Indeed, interest in software development has seen a 48% increase in job seeker interest. This is only the tip of the iceberg considering most who take interest in software development seek to educate themselves privately. The recent developments of virtual reality, & augmented reality technology have fueled a new generation of programmers seeking the skills required to take the wheel of this digital revolution. That can be said even without Mark Zuckerberg’s recent announcement of his pivot to the Meta verse.

The Fight for Influence in the Algorithmic Age.

As we inevitably pass over this digital threshold as a civilization, we have to understand that a smart consumer takes in the flow of the market & deeply understands its constraints and it’s room for possible improvement. This is how innovation is brought to light in any field of study. CEOs like Zuckerberg simply have to step back and watch the flow of innovation closely enough to swoop in and scale projects so large that only his name is glorified. Who put Mark Zuckerberg in charge of the coming digital reality in the first place? Many believe that Zuckerberg is incapable of guiding the minds of civilization in any meaningful direction and lacks the credibility to carry out such large scale operations.

For instance, Meta isn’t a new company name when referencing the the digital world. Co-founded by Greek economist Yanis Varoufakis, Meta is a “centre for post capitalist civilization”. Their mission statement is as follows:

We are already in the early stages of an era that can only be described by that which it succeeds: we live in postcapitalist times. They may turn out dystopic, utopic or anything in between. Through art and research, argument and poetry, mέta (the abbreviation of our Centre for Postcapitalist Civilization) works to break with a dystopic present to imagine the world anew – to grasp our present historical moment so as to help radical progressive movements find a path from the emergent dismal postcapitalism to one worth fighting, and living, for.

Varoufakis tweeted out to Mark Zuckerberg’s unveiling of his pivot to the Metaverse from facebook stating “Hands off our mέta, Our Center for Postcapitalist Civilization, Mr. Zuckerberg. You, and your minions, wouldn’t recognize civilization even if it hit you with a bargepole.”

Robotic Process Automation Fueling The Digital Age

With RPAs (Robotic Process Automation Robots), there are many concerns about how these ‘robots’ will replace a lot of jobs, leaving potentially a lot of people unemployed. But according to a recent Harvard Business Review article, “The right question isn’t which jobs are going to be replaced, but rather, what work will be redefined, and how?”. Such automations provide individuals with opportunities to upskill and focus on tasks that require more human interactions.

According to Personnel Today, 38% of enterprises are already using AI in their workplace with 62% expecting to start using it as early as this year. A Deloitte study of automation in the U.K. found that 800,000 low-skilled jobs were eliminated as the result of AI and other automation technologies — but 3.5 million new jobs were created. AI enhances the working experience, makes it easy on employees and allows them to focus their time on clients and important business rather than paperwork.

As harmless as the effects may seem on the HR industry, it’s no reason to disregard the displacement of 800,000 employees. Not to mention that we’re only talking about the implications of automation on one industry alone. The Automotive industry has been making a shift toward automation, & even the trucking industry. The trucking industry requires more emphasis since its one of the largest occupations in the world.

1.8 million Americans, mainly men, who drive heavy trucks for a living, the single most common job in many US states. Another 1.7 million people drive taxis, buses and delivery vehicles in the US alone. But for how long? Having “disrupted” industries including manufacturing, music, journalism and retail, Silicon Valley has its eyes on trucking.

According to the American Trucking Association, There are approximately 3.6 million professional truckers in the United States. Displacing such a magnitude of workers is sure to have significant economic impact on families across the country. Where do CDL carriers turn to after their entire industry has rendered them obsolete? Will our compromised government provide additional assistance to those impacted by this innovation & had no say in the matter?

The truth of the matter is this, those who have the capability to pivot into an industry that is future proof will do so. Leaving behind an entire class of Americans who refuse to participate in the coming technocracy.

Table titled “job seeker interest patterns, by sector.”

Evidence of Shift in Workforce Due to Digital Innovation.

Above is data compiled by Indeed pointing out recent changes in job seeker interest in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since February 1st, 2020, the software development sector has seen a staggering 48% increase in job seeker interest. That statistic alone allows us to observe a specific population of people who recognized that digital infrastructure is in high demand. That’s one way to observe these individuals, but let’s take a second and think about the effects of a 48% increase in job seekers pouring into an industry thats being completely revamped by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

People will be able to work IN or ON these digital realities, and either way it is a despotic way of life to rot behind a lifeless screen when God has a plan for you. Make no mistake, people will line up for these jobs because it’s their shot at a livable wage in the two tier society to come. Programming is as much of an art as painting, because you always start with a blank slate. But innovation stops for no man and demands to be acknowledged.

IT operations and help desk jobs saw a 59% increase in job seeker interest since February 2020, further suggesting the embrace of the huge wave of technological innovation we’re seeing today. The childcare industry saw a 15% decline in job seeker interest in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with it, the loading and stocking industry saw a 39% decrease in job seeker interest after 2020. The polarity of these statistics are staggering and require an in depth look into the hearts and minds of American citizens to understand why our system just wont work anymore.

No one man can make sense of this elaborate illusion cast over the common man of society, but collectively we can point out each limitation forced upon us and bring it forward as an injustice to the public. In Matthew 10:34 Jesus says: “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.” We’re meant to go down preaching the gospel and guiding others to salvation. This could be considered the bravest task a man or woman of faith could undertake, but make no mistake it will bear fruit in the kingdom of heaven. Stay inquisitive in the word of God, and the world around you.



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