The United States Has Warned Russia That if Its Territory Is Hit as a Result of Strikes Near the Polish Border, NATO Would Respond With “Full Force.” It’s Getting Ugly, Tribulation In Play

HNewsWire-The White House is considering Russia's Sunday strike on Ukraine's base at Yavoriv, which is barely 10 to 15 miles from NATO member Poland's border, a hazardous escalation targeted at the West, especially given that US National Guardsmen were allegedly training Ukrainian forces there only a month ago.

Following the news of the strike, which killed an estimated 35 people, US national security advisor Jake Sullivan warned that NATO is prepared to respond "with full force" if Russia attacked NATO territory. "If there is a military strike on NATO territory, we will invoke Article 5, and we will bring the whole weight of the NATO alliance to bear in responding," he told CBS News. Russia is said to have launched 30 missiles against the facility, which is just a few minutes' drive from Poland's border:

"All I'll say is that if Russia strikes, fires on, or shoots at NATO territory, the NATO alliance will retaliate."

He was specifically referring to a situation in which member state Poland would be attacked, leaving open the hazardous prospect of a massive Russia-West conflict erupting as a result of a potentially 'errant' or stray missile scenario.

Sullivan reiterated the White House's warning about chemical weapons and "weapons of mass devastation" in the same remarks...

He also said that the US was explicitly warning Russia against deploying chemical weapons, and that if Vladimir Putin did deploy weapons of mass destruction, he would have broken a "scary extra boundary" under international law.

The attack's close proximity to Poland's border:

Meanwhile, at a time when the world is concerned about a probable WW3 scenario arising from this battle, America's number two leader should not be confused about where NATO territory is and isn't...

Starting on Thursday and Friday, there was an alarming increase in Russia attacking targets in Ukraine's west along the border with Poland, in what we and others interpreted as a possible "message to NATO" warning against Western invasion.

On Sunday, there were further claims of significant assaults, this time within 10 kilometers from the Polish border, after the Kremlin's threat to NATO that it would target any foreign armament shipments that were incoming.

According to the Wall Street Journal, 35 people were murdered in a military training camp, citing Ukrainian sources: "Eight missiles struck the complex in Yavoriv, a location where the US National Guard trained Ukrainian forces until last month," according to the article. "Ambulances were spotted streaming into the base shortly after the hit, and personnel were seen departing." According to Haaretz

"Footage on social media showed wrecked buildings and a parade field littered with rubble, with smoke billowing from the wreckage," the WSJ adds. "According to the governor's office in Lviv, the strike wounded 134 persons and wrecked and damaged several barracks."

The renewed onslaught on Yavoriv is also being seen as a strong message to Washington, considering that it was a well-known station that previously housed US military trainers involved in short-term operations to advise Ukrainian national forces before to the invasion's start. Up until early in February, training was taking place.

The Kremlin warned on Saturday that the Russian military is ready to strike Western armament shipments that continue to flood into Ukraine, setting the scene for a possible dramatic escalation with Western and NATO countries. Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergei Ryabkov, said on state television that Moscow has been warned in recent days that weapons supply convoys entering Ukraine would be considered "legitimate targets."

"We told the US that the coordinated pumping of weapons from a number of nations is not only a risky maneuver, but it also renders these convoys into legal targets," Ryabkov said in the statements, which served as a strong warning to the West.

The strike on a training site so close to the Polish border comes as "Moscow has shown its capacity to bomb targets around the nation even as its combat soldiers in Kyiv have encountered setbacks," according to the WSJ.


Putin: Syrian mercenaries have joined Russia in the fight against Ukraine. Syrians have been given promise from me to sacrifice their lives on Ukrainian soil. The united nations will rush in to fill the power vacuum for the western world.



SRH: Syrian mercenaries have joined Russia in the fight against Ukraine. Surely, the Syrians must have been given some kind of promise from Putin to sacrifice their lives on Ukrainian soil. Why would he do that? Simple, Putin can’t lose this war and escape assassination. He’s desperate at this point to save his ass after underestimating the Ukrainian’s ability to resist. Most likely, Putin told the Syrians that he would kick Israel out of the Golan Heights, which Syria claims that Israel invaded/settled over the last few decades. So, if the Syrian mercenaries (vicious fighters compared to marshmallow Russian soldiers) deliver Ukraine to Russia, Putin will reward Syria and turn on Israel. How? Putin will back the Palestinians (Hamas) in an invasion of Israel. Turkey, long-time supporters of Hamas, will renounce their membership in NATO as the balance of power shifts toward Russia.




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