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HNewsWire-Russia Opens Criminal Case Against Satan Soldiers at Meta After Temporary Hate Speech Policy Change, “Calls for Murder and Violence” Against Russian Citizens, It’s All on Fake Facebook
According to a statement released Friday by Russia’s Investigative Committee, the Investigative Committee has started a criminal prosecution against Facebook parent firm Meta Platforms, accusing the company’s workers of “illegal calls for death and violence” against Russian residents.
The dispute arises as a result of a temporary adjustment in Meta’s hate speech policy, which permits certain Facebook and Instagram users to express violent views against Russian military forces invading Ukraine. The policy change was originally reported by Reuters on Thursday.
“A criminal case has been initiated in the Main Investigation Department of the Russian Investigative Committee in connection with illegal calls for murder and violence against citizens of the Russian Federation by employees of the American company Meta, which owns the social networks Facebook and Instagram,” according to a statement issued by the Investigative Committee, citing the policy change.

“These acts bear the hallmarks of offenses under Articles 280 and 205.1 of the Russian Federation’s Criminal Code – public appeals for extremist activity; aid to terrorist operations,” the statement adds.

Facebook momentarily enables messages on the Ukraine crisis asking for violence against “Russian invaders.”
Meta (FB) did not immediately react to CNN Business’s request for comment on Russia’s criminal inquiry. However, the business said in a statement Thursday that the policy modification does not allow calls for violence against Russians outside of the context of the Ukraine incursion.

According to internal Meta emails obtained by Reuters on Thursday, the firm would enable Facebook and Instagram users in select areas to urge for violence against the Russian forces entering Ukraine. Meta subsequently stated that the policy modification will only apply to users in Ukraine.
“We created a limited exemption for persons afflicted by conflict to express aggressive views against invading military forces, such as ‘death to the Russian invaders.’ These are temporary restrictions aimed to protect people’s freedom of speech in the face of invasion “Meta said CNN in a statement on Thursday. “As we have done in the past, we are barring calls for violence against Russians outside of the context of the present invasion.”
The Russian information watchdog, Roskonadzor, said Friday that it would block access to Instagram because the “social network transmits informational materials including appeals to conduct violent crimes against residents of the Russian Federation, including military people.”
Clegg issued a statement on Friday afternoon, stating that the policy change is “centred on defending people’s rights to speak as an expression of self-defense in response to a military invasion of their nation.”
“We have no grudge towards the Russian people,” Clegg said in a statement. “As far as the Russian people are concerned, our regulations against hate speech have not changed at all. On our platform, we will not accept Russophobia or any type of discrimination, harassment, or violence directed against Russians.”
Roskonadzor aims to ban Instagram access beginning Monday to give users time to move their photographs and videos to other sites, the agency said in a post later Friday. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said that the change would impact 80 million Russian users, almost 80% of whom follow at least one Instagram account from outside the country.
“The situation is scary, and we’re doing all we can to keep people safe,” Mosseri said in an Instagram video.
The new limitations come as part of a larger attack on Russian tech businesses.

Last week, Moscow said that Facebook will be banned in the nation in reaction to what it claimed were limits on access to Russian media on the network. According to Meta President of Global Affairs Nick Clegg, the decision was made when the company refused to cease fact-checking and identifying information from Russian state-controlled media. In reaction to the Facebook ban, Clegg said that the firm was doing “all we could to restore our services,” but that “millions of regular Russians” will soon be “shut off from credible information.”
Twitter (TWTR) access in the nation has also been banned by Moscow.

Facebook : Your post goes against our Community Standards so only you can see it. See options.  
View On Facebook 

Facebook : Your post goes against our Community Standards so only you can see it. See options.  
View On Facebook 

“We must obey God rather than human beings!” (Acts 5:29). Whatever pressure society brings to bear, the follower of Christ knows who his Lord is and chooses to obey Him. In a sinful world that hated Christ, this will naturally lead to some conflict. The “tolerance” espoused by the world leaves no room for Christian convictions, but, for the redeemed who walk in the Spirit, Christian convictions are indispensable. The Bible says there is a right and a wrong, and no amount of sensitivity training or encounter group sessions can change that.

Face Book is ok with this hatred : https://www.facebook.com/theactivistmommy/posts/so-a-page-named-i-will-find-activist-mommy-and-burn-whoever-runs-it-alive-does-n/1518508201600657/

From the Ten Commandments we have false worship, idolatry, misusing God’s name, violating the Sabbath, dishonoring parents, murder, adultery, stealing, lying/libel, and coveting. In the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5–7), Jesus took some of these same sins to a new level. Regarding murder, Jesus said, “Anyone who is angry with his brother will be subject to judgment…. But anyone who says, ‘You fool!’ will be in danger of the fire of hell” (Matthew 5:22). Regarding adultery, Jesus said, “Anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart” (Matthew 5:28). In Galatians 5:19-21, we are told, “The acts of the sinful nature are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God.” Just these brief lists will give most people plenty of things to work on for a lifetime. In addition to the various lists that can be found in Scripture, we are told in 1 John 5:17 that “all wrongdoing is sin.” Not only does the Bible tell us the things not to do, but in James 4:17, we are informed that anyone “who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins.” 

Unfortunately for the homosexual, homosexuality is on the list….

Jesus clearly warned His disciples that the world would hate them because they hated Him first. His statement was true in the first century church and is truer than ever in the 21st century. This morning we cover a couple news stories that show just how far that hatred has gone.

A pro-homosexual group has said that they want to burn a Christian woman alive for speaking against the sodomite agenda. As we read in one report from Life Site News:

 A Facebook group wanting to “burn…alive” a U.S. Christian pro-family activist who takes bold stances against feminism, political correctness, and the LGBT lobby “doesn’t go against…Community Standards,” according to Facebook.

Conservative blogger Elizabeth Johnston, also known as “The Activist Mommy,” took umbrage when she found a Facebook group called “I will find The Activist Mommy and burn whoever runs it alive.” The Activist Mommy’s common sense and bucking of political correctness have gained her large online audiences. Her social media accounts have been targeted for censorship by Facebook and Twitter.

Johnston first reported the group to Facebook for “harassment” and then encouraged others to flag it.

Facebook responded to Johnston, saying that the group didn’t “go against one of [Facebook’s] specific community standards.” The Facebook moderator suggested that Johnston send the exact content that she deemed harassment, like a photo, “instead of the entire group.”

Johnson was outraged by Facebook’s response.

“So a page named ‘I Will Find Activist Mommy And Burn Whoever Runs It Alive’ does NOT go against Facebook’s community standards? Hmmm…if that is not targeted violence, nothing is! Facebook is a joke! Share this folks!” she posted.Source


An 85-year-old man was recently attacked during in a peaceful protest with pro-life advocacy group 40 Days For Life. 

Ron, a participant in 40 Days For Life campaigns for years, was outside of a Planned Parenthood Clinic in San Francisco when a young male attempted to steal the sign he was holding. 

The video shows Ron’s attempt to stop the theft by putting the stick holding the banner into the spokes of the man’s bicycle. The man immediately shoved Ron to ground and started violently kicking him. The video, which has gone viral, shows the man threatening Ron as well. Source

Image credit: Created Equal screenshot

Austin Beigel has spent years in the pro-life movement. In fact, he met his wife that way. So he’s no stranger to the kind of violent confrontations that are seemingly becoming commonplace during these kinds of rallies and protests.

Beigel, who is now working full-time for Created Equal, a pro-life advocacy organization, was attacked by a pro-abortion activist on April 2, just a few weeks before he graduated from Ohio State University.

During a phone interview Wednesday with Faithwire, Beigel said he was on the campus of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill as part of Created Equal’s “Road Trip for Life,” a pro-life campaign. Moments after setting up photos of preborn infants as well as graphic abortion images, Beigel said the woman confronted him and attacked him. Source

The University of California-Berkeley says police are seeking a “felony warrant” for the arrest of a man who violently assaulted a conservative student on campus last week. 

“‘One week after the incident that received national backlash, the campus has concluded its investigation of the incident,” campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof said in a statement this week.

“Based on the results of that investigation, the department is seeking a felony warrant from the Alameda County District Attorney for the identified suspect,” said Mogulof. Once the warrant is approved, the UCPD will “immediately” take action to arrest the unnamed suspect.

The list of assaults on Christians, conservatives are too numerous to name in this article, what you should be aware of, Christians are under attack and the violence seems to accelerate with each passing day, hatred is a sin virus and I believe it will mutate out of control, the end has just begun….

Many in society today want to view themselves as “tolerant.” By that they usually mean “I accept people for who they are without passing judgment on any action or lifestyle choice.” But the biblically informed Christian cannot, in good conscience, approve of all actions or lifestyle choices; the Bible clearly delineates some lifestyles as sinful and displeasing to God. When a Christian’s convictions clash with the standard of tolerance set by society, the Christian is often labeled as “intolerant,” “bigoted,” or worse. Ironically, those who claim to be the most tolerant are the least tolerant of the Christian worldview.

Sometimes the conflict between Christian convictions and secular standards of tolerance involves a Christian business being forced to photograph gay engagements, bake cakes or provide flowers for gay weddings, or rent rooms to gay couples. Other times, the conflict is not as public, involving personal acquaintances who disagree with a Christian’s conviction against getting drunk at a party, for example, or cohabitation before marriage.

When a believer finds that his Christian convictions are in conflict with someone’s take on tolerance, he should immediately do the following things: 1) Pray for wisdom and for courage. 2) Examine his convictions to make sure they are based on what the Bible actually says, rather than personal preferences. Taking a stand against having a joint Hindu-Christian worship service is biblically supportable; taking a stand against serving ethnically diverse food at the church potluck is not. 3) Commit himself to loving his enemies and doing good to them (Matthew 5:38–48). 4) Purpose in his heart to engage the conflict “with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience” (Colossians 3:12). 5) If legal issues come into play, explore his rights under the law (see Acts 16:37–3821:39).

Even in the midst of a conflict between godly convictions and secular tolerance, Christians must demonstrate Christ’s love and righteousness, exemplifying how truth and love can coexist. In every situation, we should exhibit “deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom” (James 3:13). Our conduct should be such “that those who speak maliciously against [our] good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander” (1 Peter 3:16).

StevieRay Hansen
Editor, HNewsWire.com

It is impossible to find anyone in the Bible who was a power for God who did not have enemies and was not hated.

The proliferation of ‘pep talk Christianity’ and the lack of expository Bible teaching in church today have done essentially two things.

Firstly, it has watered down the gospel message. As John MacArthur quipped, “Sin has become less offensive, heaven less appealing, hell less horrific and the gospel less urgent.” Christians have lost their ‘saltiness’ and have become incapable of preventing the world from falling into decay. As the saying goes, when the church loses its voice, the world loses its conscience.

Secondly, it has created an environment that enables false teachers to flourish. Again, this is part of the end times scenario that Jesus warned of in Matt 24:11, “…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.” Consequently, the result of the mass deception is the great falling away.


#Antichrist #evildoers #suppressingtruth #birthpains #tribulation #sevenyears #hellonearth # #those that have ears, let him hear, those that have eyes let them see!




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