Watchman’s Warning: No One Seems to Be Paying Attention as the One-World Beast System Roars Into Existence. Following in the Footsteps of Visa, MasterCard, and Amazon, JP Morgan Has Introduced an Invasive Bio-metric Payment Plan at the Point of Sale


While Americans become increasingly hypnotized by 2024 election coverage, where all they hear about is Donald Trump's antics, globalists and technocrats move swiftly to install a new global economic order that will subjugate humanity by outsmarting the political system.
Trump is the ideal polarizing figure to distract Americans during this crucial historical moment. Keeping your attention on him will cause you to miss the bigger picture.

This relates to the rapidly approaching beast system, which is marching us toward World War III and economic slavery through cashless payment systems, biometric surveillance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and even death. Yes, World War III and mRNA injections will facilitate the global culling of human populations that Bill Gates, Henry Kissinger, and the Rockefellers have advocated for decades.

With this context in mind, let's move on to the article's main topic: cashless electronic payment systems that rely on your biometric information.
We learned last week that the restaurant chain Panera Bread is implementing a new biometric payment option offered by Amazon in which customers' palms are scanned without the need for cash or credit cards.

Now, JP Morgan has announced that it is also launching a new biometric payment system, with plans to make it accessible to all retail businesses it works with.
The Wine Press states:
"This week, the American megabank JP Morgan announced the launch of a pilot program for a new facial recognition payment platform, which they intend to franchise to other banks and businesses.

Similar payment systems have been introduced by other credit card companies, such as VISA's contactless payment and facial recognition system for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Qatar and Mastercard's 'Smile to Pay' feature."
Visa encourages us to learn "how to tap to pay" with its contactless payment systems on its website.

Apple has offered biometric logins for its mobile devices for several years, and now you can simply point your iPhone or AppleWatch at certain systems and you're ready to pay. Visa's extensive list of retail participants in its contactless system is available on its website, and includes McDonald's, Aldi, Costco, CVS Pharmacy, 7-Eleven, Dunkin' Donuts, Starbucks, OfficeMax, Whole Foods, etc.
Visa's system is described as follows:
"Contactless payments are made by tapping a contactless card or a payment-enabled mobile or wearable device over a contactless-enabled payment terminal. Cards, phones, watches, and other devices use the same contactless technology."

Every time corporate America introduces a new technological innovation, the selling point is identical. It is always safer, more secure, and more convenient.
JP Morgan detailed its new contactless payment system in a press release dated March 23.
"This is the first pilot solution to launch from J.P. Morgan Payments' new Commerce Solutions suite of products, which is dedicated to helping merchants adapt to the rapidly changing payments landscape.

"Its biometrics-based payment pilot includes palm and face recognition for in-store payment authentication and is based on enroll-capture-authenticate-pay. According to Goode Intelligence, global biometric payments will reach $5.8 trillion and 3 billion users by 2026.

J.P. Morgan Payments is uniquely positioned to enable this solution to meet shopper expectations without compromising security and reliability.

The director of Omnichannel Solutions at J.P. Morgan Payments disclosed:
"At their core, biometrics-based payments enable our merchant clients to provide a better customer payment experience. We are a trusted payments provider and financial institution worldwide, and we are fully equipped to manage the highly secure identification points that power biometric solutions."

Yes, you can hear what he's really saying if you read between the lines of his statement: Get ready to adapt, you peasants, because the cashless society is here whether you like it or not!

JP Morgan will run its first pilot programs with brick-and-mortar stores in the United States, possibly including the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix, which will be the first Formula 1 race to pilot biometric-based payments to provide guests with a quicker checkout experience.

If the pilot program is successful, a broader rollout for U.S. merchant clients will begin in 2024, according to JP Morgan. Avert your eyes from these "contactless" payment systems.

Not only do globalists want to remove cash from your wallet, but they also want to remove your credit cards, debit cards, and eventually your cell phone as well.

As WEF advisor Yuval Noah Harari has already forewarned, the next phase of the global technocracy movement will involve surveillance tools that are "under the skin" 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

I'm old enough to recall when debit cards were controversial, and now we're scanning people's body parts as a payment method. Since at least the 1980s, "conspiracy theorists" have been warning about the gradual, long-planned evolution toward a cashless society. They were not in error; rather, they were simply ahead of their time.

The only way to defeat this beast, or at least slow it down, is not through political messiah figures, but through our individual human agency. We must resolve never to conform to these systems.

Do you hear any political candidates discussing the negative aspects of digital? Do any of them mention the privacy-invading smart city technology that is being installed in cities around the world? Do you hear anyone discussing the risks associated with digital vaccine passports, which the G20 nations endorsed at the end of last year? No, neither do I agree. That includes Trump as well. By electing Trump, DeSantis, or anyone else, we will never be able to escape this system.

Remember that we've already tried the Messiah thing? Voting is beneficial, but it represents only a small portion of our civic duty, and we must not allow ourselves to be consumed by the spectacle surrounding the election process, particularly presidential elections.
Instead, I would argue that we must now decide as individuals whose kingdom we wish to join. We can remain within the system of the worldly beast, enjoying its temporary safety, security, and conveniences, only to pay the piper by going down with this corrupt system when it inevitably collapses.

Or, we can choose to opt out of the system, a decision that will eventually invite the wrath of the global system, which is operated by globalist Luciferians.
These predators cannot accept that some individuals simply wish to be left alone, free and independent of their transhumanist technologies and dehumanizing pharmaceuticals.

By taking a stand now against these global predators, we send them the message that they will not rule over us or subjugate us, at least not by luring us into our own captivity. Say no to biometric payments, digital payment apps, electric vehicles, wearable technology, smart cities, mRNA injections, lab-grown meat, and all the other deceptive illusions that comprise the matrix.
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