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Look’ at Vaccine Passports for World travel, Satan Soldiers are very close to yoking humanity through vaccines…

Forced Corona-Virus Vaccinations, Vaccine Passport, “Tribulation” — HNewsWire

Writing about vaccine passports and the mark of the beast described in Book of Revelation.

The mask-wearing, coming vaccine ID cards, and vaccine passports are all part of the agenda to condition people to eventually accept this mark; …It has been close to a year of mask-wearing now, with mask mandates sweeping the Globe. In most countries, there are federal penalties for disobeying Government mandates. The bottom line is people want their lives back.”

But we may have to get used to freedoms with conditions and restrictions. In other words, discrimination and even persecution. And if you don’t blindly follow the crowd; if you disagree or try to simply speak the truth, you will be banned, censored, canceled or Jailed.

Department of Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas said traveler behavior that threatens...

WASHINGTON — Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says the government is taking “a very close look” at the possibility of vaccine passports for travel into and out of the United States.

As head of the Department of Homeland Security, Mayorkas oversees the Transportation Security Administration, which safeguards the nation’s transportation systems.

Mayorkas told ABC on Friday that one of his guiding principles throughout the coronavirus pandemic has been “the value of diversity, equity and inclusion and making sure that any passport that we provide for vaccinations is accessible to all and that no one is disenfranchised.”

The European Union, some Asian governments and the airline industry are scrambling to develop COVID-19 vaccine passports to help kickstart international travel. They’re working on systems that would allow travelers to use mobile phone apps to prove they’ve been vaccinated, helping them avoid quarantine requirements at their destinations.

Mayorkas says the underlying point is: “Everyone should get vaccinated.”

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Vaccine Passports and Medical Paternalism, Usurping Individual Responsibility and the Liberty of Choice…

A policy or practice of treating or governing people in a fatherly manner, especially by providing for their needs without giving them rights or responsibilities.

Anyone Participating in Forced COVID Vaccinations Either Through Supplying the Injections or Actually Doing the Injections, You Are Hereby Put on Notice.

That You Are Participating in Homicide and Mass Murder, and Justice Will Catch up to You at Some Point.

“A shocking meeting was organized by Bill Gates and David Rockefeller at the New York home of the president of the Rockefeller University in 2009. Other guests of this meeting of billionaires were:  Warren Buffet, George Soros, Ted Turner, and Oprah Winfrey. None of them expressed opposition to the stated purposes of this meeting, which were:  to perform massive abortions in the third world, and massive eugenics methods (electronic warfare, chemical warfare, and biological warfare) in the first world, in order to reduce the world population from 7 billion to 1 billion, in an effort whose consequences would far exceed the lifetimes of the participants, and meant to be their “legacy” to the world. Whoever may have to die in the process was (and is) not their concern.”

Vaccine passports have been implemented, or are being developed, in a number of countries around the world. In February 2021, Israel introduced its “Green Pass,” which becomes “effective the week after receiving the second dose” of the vaccine and expires after six months. It was followed by China, which launched its digital “International Travel Health Certificate” in March. Subsequently, in April, Denmark implemented its “Coronapas” and Estonia introduced its “VaccineGuard.” Although the United States government recently dismissed the idea of a national vaccine passport, the state of New York has already launched its own “Excelsior Pass,” and several other states are developing similar programs, whereas South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Florida, Texas and Arizona have banned the use of COVID-19 immunity passports within their borders. Other countries have also announced their intentions to launch vaccine passports in the near future, including: the United Kingdom, which will be using an NHS (National Health Service) phone app as its COVID-19 vaccine passport starting on May 17th; and, the European Union, which is planning to “facilitate free movement inside the EU” with its “Digital Green Certificate” as of June.

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Digital Health or Vaccine Passports Along With

Tracking and Tracing Apps Present a Serious Threat to Our GOD Given freedom…

Private corporations are working hand in glove with state and local governments to quietly implement digital vaccine passports, forcing Americans to show their papers before they can attend universities, board airlines, or enter libraries, hotels, cruise ships, sports arenas and eventually almost every type of business that deals with the public.

Rutgers University, Boston University and Notre Dame are among the institutions of higher learning that have already announced they will require students to show proof of vaccination against COVID before they can return to school in the fall.

On March 26 the state of New York rolled out its Excelsior Pass system, developed in cooperation with IBM, for certain large-gathering events including sports, theaters, concert halls and other venues.

Health officials in Orange County, California, announced a digital passport that “enables individuals to participate safely and with peace of mind in activities that involve interactions with other people, including travel, attractions, conferences/meetings, concerts, sports, school and more.”

But it’s not just happening in big cities and major population centers in progressive “blue” states.

The town of Kongiganak, Alaska, is demanding that people be fully vaccinated before they can go shopping inside stores. Even the local gym is closed to anyone who is not fully vaccinated, reported Alaska Public Media (APM).

Harvey Paul, general manager of a local store, told APM his store is only allowing four people in at a time. Paul said his employees verify a customer is good to enter by checking their name against a list of vaccinated individuals that is updated every three days or so.

The U.K. is set to roll out its vaccine passport next week, joining Israel as the first two nations in the free world to require their citizens to “show your papers” to perform basic functions like buy food, enter a pub, a library, a sports arena or theater.

The question is, can the momentum toward vaccine passports be stopped in America?

The answer is yes but it will take courage to confidently stand up and say “no.”

A Georgia man who works at a major corporation in the Atlanta area told me he is taking no chances. When he started hearing rumblings that his employer might require the vaccine, he decided to take a preemptive approach, putting the company on notice that if it should ever require a vaccine as a condition of his employment, he won’t comply.

“I told my boss, you will have to fire me and then you will need to lawyer up because I will sue the company.”

The mainstream media, as evident in this article by NBC News, is already trying to plant seeds of doubt in the minds of Americans, indicating that they will be powerless to reject the vaccines should they be required by an employer or other private company they do business with. As a vaccine rejecter, they want you to feel helpless and alone, as though you are the only one in the world who refuses to comply.

What the media won’t report is that people are fighting, and winning, against the un-American vaccine Nazis.

Mat Staver, chairman and founder of the Orlando, Fla.-based Liberty Counsel, a public interest law firm specializing in constitutional issues that affect faith, freedom and the family, has already scored some early victories for his clients.

“Digital health or vaccine passports along with tracking and tracing apps present a serious threat to freedom,” Staver said. “Vaccine passports and tracking apps are about collecting data and control. COVID is being used to advance this dangerous threat to freedom. We must never accept vaccine passports or tracking apps as the new normal.”

Staver told me that people must recognize that, contrary to what they will read in the media, digital health passports and tracking apps were unprecedented in the free world until Israel became the first nation to implement them. He believes they represent a serious threat to all manner of previously taken-for-granted rights and freedoms. As such, they should be treated as a back-door assault on Western values, including your freedom of movement, your civil rights to have equal access to public accommodations, and your own bodily autonomy.

“This is becoming a bigger issue every day,” said Staver in a recent phone interview. “This involves access to basic functions of society and your rights to move about in society.”

On March 16, the dean of the Louisiana State University School of Dentistry sent out a directive that COVID vaccines would be mandatory for all returning students, teachers and staff. Non-compliance would result in the student’s inability to complete coursework requirements and graduate. A group of students, desperate for help, reached out to Staver’s organization.

“We sent a demand letter and they reversed their decision,” he said.

Liberty Counsel’s letter dated March 19 to Dean Robert Laughlin stated the mandate was a “violation of fundamental individual, economic and religious liberties. These include the rights of personal autonomy and bodily integrity, and the right to accept or reject the various COVID vaccines based on religious belief.”

The Glenview, Illinois, Board of Education tried the same heavy-handed tactic, sending a memo to all staff and employees stating they must get the COVID injection by April 30 “as a condition of continued employment.”

Like LSU, the school district reversed course within days of receiving a demand letter from Liberty Counsel on behalf of several school employees. Staver said the school district was violating not only federal law requiring informed consent of any unapproved medical treatment, but also state law, which guarantees people the option of rejecting any vaccine if it violates their religious conscience. A total of 45 states have similar religious-exemption laws on the books. He said all states allow for medical opt-outs so anyone who has had a previous stroke, blood clot, auto-immune condition or suffered from seizures could get a medical exemption because these are known side effects of the vaccines.

Then there’s the issue of fertility and pregnant and nursing mothers.

“We are also working with another student, a nursing student in Virginia,” Staver said. “She is pregnant and a student at a community college, and she refuses to get the vaccine because of what she’s read about the potential for these vaccines to cause miscarriages. She’s already in her clinicals and now can’t finish her degree in nursing due to this new policy.”

Staver said many young people are also worried about the potential for sterilization.

“There is a body of research that have raised serious concerns because COVID itself has been known to cause some concern about miscarriage [and lowering of sperm count in men] and the problem with the injection is it doesn’t go away like the disease itself. It stays there in your body forever.”

Staver said federal HIPAA and ADA [Americans with Disabilities Act] issues related to privacy are being trampled upon by corporations practicing vaccine blackmail, whether targeting their employees or customers.

“Your employer doesn’t have a right to invade your medical privacy under the EEOC Title 7 employment law, and also OSHA came out and said there’s no evidence the vaccine prohibits transmission of the virus. You also have rights that could be applicable under the Public Accommodations section of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”

The other issue is the Emergency Use Authorization law, or EAU status, under which the vaccines were released to market.

“These vaccines have never been licensed by the Food and Drug Administration [FDA], they only have EUA, so federal law requires for all EUA treatments that you need full informed consent to administer them to anybody, you cannot coerce anyone to have the drug or shot,” Staver said. “They are only authorized because of a declared emergency. And there’s a lack of data to know the effects of these injections beyond a couple of months. So any of these companies or employers trying to force people as a condition to enter their facilities are violating federal law. They likely are violating state laws in many cases as well.”

John Whitehead, another constitutional attorney and founder of the Charlottesville, Va.-based Rutherford Institute, said he has been representing clients on vaccine-related issues as well.

“To force someone to take a vaccine against their religious beliefs would in my opinion violate the Constitution.

People fighting forced or coerced vaccines based on religious conviction should have a good case to fight in the courts, Whitehead said.

“Also, people should be pre-screened for COVID infections before they’re given this, because if they have the infection in their body, it causes certain genes to activate the immune system in a powerful way [which can cause seriously harmful health conditions up to and including death],” Whitehead said.

He also sees a red flag in last week’s announcement by Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla saying people will need a third vaccine dose.

“So, if they say you need a third dose, when they initially said there were only going to be two, then they are caught not giving people accurate information. We’re defending a couple of defendants canceled from Instagram, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense Fund, and the only way to have a free society is to fulfill society’s need to hear all points of view, otherwise you’re not a free people if only one viewpoint is allowed. Everybody needs to hear both sides before they can make an informed decision, so before they declare this is required they need to establish a commission made up of people with different viewpoints and air out all of the arguments.

“The pharmaceutical industry is very powerful,” Whitehead continued. “They donate to political candidates. And they get this big vaccine contract. The point is, with all we’re seeing in America, basically they’re taking free will away from the American people. Mainstream media is pouring this stuff out as if it’s all facts. But now we have them on record saying one month you will need two doses and the next month it’s three. What’s the deal?”

Here’s the deal:

They went from no masks required because they don’t work [Fauci in February 2020], to masks being essential, then two masks are better than one.

They went from two vaccine doses to three to “possibly one every year.”

They went from keep the borders open to closing the borders to opening them back up.

They went from “asymptomatic people are super spreaders” to asymptomatics rarely spread the virus.

They went from sanitize everything that comes into your house, to the virus “only lives on hard surfaces for a short time.”

What is the truth? If your only source of information is the government and the mainstream media, you would be thoroughly confused. Social media has also shut down alternative viewpoints on COVID and the vaccines.

Challenging the vaccine passports on the basis that the vaccines are experimental is another legal option.

“That’s a tough one, because you have a society that is only given one point of view,” Whitehead said. “But are these vaccines experimental? Yes I think you could argue that in a courtroom.”

And that’s where the Nuremberg Codes of 1947 come into play. Would this international law established in the wake of World War II and the Nazi medical experiments be recognized in U.S. courts?

It’s a possibility if you can actually get a judge to say it’s an experimental drug,” Whitehead said. “And it’s going to be difficult. Because the government is going to line up every doctor they can find who will say it’s a good and safe product,” Whitehead said.

The flip side is that you can find just as many scientists who would disagree with the government’s scientists.

Conduct a simple Google search and you will only find one side of the argument represented. You will not find the dark side of the vaccines or the word “experimental” anywhere linked to the COVID injections.  

Whitehead said lobbyists are embedded everywhere in Washington, D.C.  Many FDA officials were former executives in the pharmaceutical industry with conflicts of interest.

“And the pharmaceutical industry has converged with the mainstream media to manipulate public opinion,” he said. “Because they have a different view. Free speech is hanging at the gallows right now.

“Unless we the people get our acts together.”

Staver says the idea of saddling Americans with health passports of any kind is bigger than just COVID or even vaccines.

Once such a system is in place, more personal data will inevitably be added to the app on your phone, or the chip that eventually gets placed under your skin.

Today it is COVID. Tomorrow, other add-ons come with a simple click. A Chinese-lookalike system of “social scoring” is being implemented against some businesses in America. It is called the “ESG Score” or “ESG Rating,” which is a number or letter grade given to a company based on how a certain perspective views their environmental, social and governmental impact.

Former Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg’s “Bloomberg ESG Data Services” already has profiles on more than 11,000 businesses!

China already uses a social score for every person. It tracks everything from how many steps you take each day to what you buy, who you hang out with and if you go to church. The algorithm decides what car you may buy, what apartment you may live in and what travel tickets you may purchase. It even has a special ringtone when someone calls a person on the government’s blacklist so their friends can pressure that person to take whatever action the communist government wants.

Right now, nine states totally controlled by Republicans have not introduced a single bill in their state legislatures to ban vaccine passports, nor have the governors of those states issued executive orders banning vaccine passports.

These states include Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah and West Virginia.

Truth be told, this was never about your health. It was always about gaining control over human populations and launching the Great Reset. But they can never control you unless you submit.

Source: harbingersdaily HNewsWire

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