Update: “Be Warned, Satan Soldiers!” We Are Close To War — White Horse In Play, We Are on Our Way to War With Russia. ” Satan Soldiers Urge Russia to Act. Unfortunately, the Russia issue is a Plandemic New World Order Satanic ploy, and as a result, Hell on Earth Will Arrive Soon.


According to a prominent political scientist from Russia who appeared on the Russian state television talk program "60 Minutes," the crisis in Ukraine "is a rehearsal for a perhaps greater conflict in the future." [Citation needed]

According to Alexei Fenenko, a research fellow at the Institute for International Security Studies, the invasion of Ukraine was a testing ground for military tactics and equipment for a much larger conflict, one that could potentially involve NATO. Olga Skabeyeva, the host of the show, was informed of this information by Fenenko.

According to Fenenko, "And that is why we will test and go up against NATO weaponry, and we will observe on the battlefield how much stronger our weapons are truly are in comparison to theirs... maybe it will be a learning lesson for a future confrontation."

Fenenko was mid-sentence when the show's presenter, Skabeyeva, interjected and referred to the situation as "a terrible experiment."

On Thursday, Julia Davis of The Daily Beast was the first person in the United States to post the video footage of Fenenko voicing his opinions on what might potentially be a far wider war.

Fenenko's remarks came after RT writer and editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan acknowledged the likelihood of warfare outside of Ukraine and remarked that it would be alright for there to be a nuclear war since "we're all going to die sometime." Fenenko's comments come after Simonyan's remarks.

A war with "Europe and the globe" was "inevitable," according to Simonyan's statement. Hypersonic missiles are only one of Russia's high-tech weaponry that have been put through their paces in Ukraine.

The potential for Ukraine to destabilize the region and spark a wider war is likely what prompted Finland and Sweden to submit membership applications with NATO the previous week.

House Republican Introduces Bill to Give Biden Sweeping Authorities to Wage War in Ukraine

HNewsWire: The new Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) was announced by Congressman,Satan Soldier Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) (AUMF). Upon passage of the AUMF, President Joe Biden will have the authority to dispatch American soldiers to Ukraine in order to safeguard the nation in the event that Russia employs chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons against it.

"Putin must be stopped," the congressman said in a news statement, adding that the measure would create key red lines and reiterating Vice President Joe Biden's call to action.

The Hill reports that Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) is a Republican.

"I'm presenting this AUMF to serve as a clear redline, so that the Administration can respond appropriately if Russia employs chemical, biological, and/or nuclear weapons in the future. Defending humanity and standing with our friends are two essential elements of the mission "Kinzinger made the announcement.

Putin must be stopped, as the President of the United States has said repeatedly. As a result, the Commander in Chief of the world's most powerful military should have the authority and resources to carry out the required operations."

The law, which is headed "To authorize the use of United States Armed Forces to preserve the territorial integrity of United States allies," gives the President the authority to evaluate whether Russia has utilized weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). The AUMF comes to an end when the President informs Congress that Ukraine's "territorial integrity" has been restored to its previous state.

The measure, which is similar to the 2002 AUMF, essentially provides the President a blank check to conduct war. The bill does not contain any provisions for control over the decision of WMD use or a sunset provision (expiration).

According to Kinzinger, who spoke on Meet the Press with anchor Margret Brennan, "I don't believe that we need to use action in Ukraine at this time." I just submitted an AUMF that would give the president essentially legislative leverage in obtaining approval to use it if WMDs, such as nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons, were used in Ukraine."

In a speech delivered only days before the Senate voted to approve the 2002 AUMF, then-Senator Joe Biden discounted the possibility that President George W. Bush would utilize the power to launch a military campaign in Iraq. "I will vote in favor of this because we should be putting pressure on Iraq to fulfill its duties under the United Nations Charter.


The Likelihood of War Between Great Powers Is “Increasing, Not Decreasing”

HNewsWire: With NATO-Russia tensions at an all-time high, the lingering fog of war in Ukraine, and constantly ratcheting rhetoric that has recently included dangerous nuclear threats, this almost seems like an invitation for further escalation... not to mention the competing information war in which all sides consistently allege the existence of false flags... On Tuesday, Foreign Policy's Pentagon reporter reported the following:

Russian deployment of chemical or biological weapons against Ukraine would very certainly result in a "international community response." Lloyd Austin, United States Secretary of Defense Russia might further exacerbate the Ukraine crisis by a cyber strike, Austin said.

It was made at a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee hearing on the Defense Budget.

Associated Press photographer

Austin had warned of a "major response" from the West if Russia used chemical weapons or WMD in Ukraine during an interview on CBS' "Face the Nation" a month ago.

In early April, Ukrainian Azov militants attempted to claim they were victims of a Russian chemical gas assault, but this was regarded with widespread suspicion by many military experts and media commentators, despite efforts by the UK government to lend it legitimacy.

Austin reaffirmed the prospect of a chemical assault this week, despite the absence of proof of Russia's purpose, leaving the door wide open for Ukrainian forces anxious for direct Western action in the battle to resurrect the accusations.

US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley also provided an assessment of how Russia's war is progressing during his congressional hearing. He said that we are now experiencing "the biggest danger to Europe's and maybe the world's peace and security" in decades.

Milley explained. "The Russian invasion of Ukraine threatens not just European peace and stability, but also the global peace and stability fought for by my parents and generations of Americans."

On the possibility of a larger war erupting, he stated:

"The possibility of substantial international confrontation between large countries is growing, not diminishing."

He said that the US is "at a crucial and historic geostrategic inflection point," which requires the military to "maintain readiness while modernizing for the future." Additionally, from the Reuters wire service:

The difference between China and Russia is that the former is a challenge, while the latter has developed into a real-time menace.


Meanwhile, at China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "If we fail to do so, we jeopardize the security of future generations," Milley said. Additionally, the senior general said in his statement that although China offers a "challenge" to the US, the Ukraine invasion has transformed Russia into a "real-time danger."



Biden Official: US "Is Preparing The Next" Weapons Package For Ukraine

HNewsWire: According to Matt Miller, a White House spokesman, the United States is preparing a number of military packages for Ukraine in the near future. With a battle expected to persist for years, President Joe Biden has approved the delivery of almost $3 billion in weapons to Ukraine.

This is the simplest thing you could ever ask me about another package," Miller told MSNBC on Tuesday. "Yes, of course, we are continually planning the next package of security aid for Ukraine," says the response.
CNN reported on the story.

US officials have indicated the battle will linger for years, according to reports. This is a long-term fight, and it's going to be measured in years," Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley said. I'm not sure about the decade, but I'm positive about the years."

American weaponry are fueling a brutal and expensive insurgency in Ukraine, according to several high-ranking US officials. "Putin should recognize that after battling insurgencies ourselves for two decades, we know how to equip, train, and excite them," said James Stavridis, a retired four-star Navy admiral who was the supreme allied commander for NATO in January.

The next security package would include artillery, according to Biden, who said yes to the question on Tuesday. Howitzers were part of a $800 million deal approved by the White House last week.

The United States has authorized the delivery of more than $3 billion in weaponry to Ukraine since Vice President Biden assumed office. Despite this, a number of US political heavyweights, including Democratic Senator Chris Coons, have called on the White House to provide additional assistance to Kiev.

"Agree on a timetable for sending more than only weapons to Ukraine, but also soldiers to help defend it." Vladimir Putin's violence would only become worse if the answer is never, Coons said.

A Top Democrat Supports Sending Us Troops to Ukraine

HNewsWire: Plandemic Is Working, Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) said in an interview on Sunday that he wants the US to deploy soldiers into Ukraine to combat Russia. When challenged on the matter, Coons said that Russian President Vladimir Putin "will only stop when we stop him."

Coons was questioned about statements he made last week in a presentation to the University of Michigan on CBS News' Face the Nation. Coons stated in his address that the Biden administration and Congress should "get to a consensus view about when we are prepared to go the next step and deploy not just armaments but soldiers to Ukraine's defense." If the response is "If we say, "never," we are asking Putin to escalate his cruelty.

"The American people cannot turn away from this catastrophe in Ukraine," Coons said in a CBS interview when asked whether President Biden was incorrect to vow he'd never deploy soldiers into Ukraine. I believe that the history of the twenty-first century will be determined by how passionately we fight freedom in Ukraine, and that Putin will only stop when we stop him."

President Biden has said repeatedly that he would not commit soldiers to fight a military combat with Russia, and he has rejected Ukraine's requests for a no-fly zone, which would include shooting down Russian jets and attacking missile systems inside Russia's borders. Despite the fact that there is a chance that a direct conflict between the US and Russia may result in a nuclear exchange, the concept of deploying soldiers into a warzone is growing more popular. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) said in a tweet on Sunday:

Adam Kinzinger, an ultra-hawk who has been a vocal supporter of a no-fly zone, has shown his preference for deploying soldiers.

It is time to recognize that Ukraine must prevail... and that negotiation is not an option at this time "Kinzinger wrote.

" "Our children and grandchildren are learning what our forebears did: the only way to overcome evil is to destroy it."

The Times claimed over the weekend that British Special Air Service (SAS) personnel were gone to Ukraine to train Ukrainian forces on anti-tank weaponry supplied by London, marking the first documented NATO military deployment in the nation since Russia's February 24 invasion.

There is a chance that Moscow may respond negatively to the deployment of British soldiers in Ukraine.

The Biden Administration Has Deliberately Destroyed The World Economy.

"Be Warned: We Are On Our Way To War With Russia." Satan Soldiers urge Russia to act. Unfortunately, this Russia issue is a plandemic new world order satanic ploy, thus hell on Earth will arrive shortly.

This could happen in the next weeks.

"What they (the Satan Soldiers) are attempting to do is purposefully poke the bear..."

They are putting more pressure on almost everything under the sun. World War III is required by the West. They just need it. The main issue here is that Europe shifted to negative interest rates in 2014. They have failed to boost the economy, and Keynesian economics has failed entirely...

This is administration mismanagement on a worldwide scale, in my opinion. The issue is that the central bank has little influence on the economy.

Furthermore, this form of inflation is not the same as a speculative boom. This inflation is caused by scarcity. These cretins with COVID... and lockdowns ended up damaging supply networks...

Things that are present, I purchase extras of since they may be gone the following time. As a result, everyone is increasing their stockpiling...

So, what are we to make of Europe's negative interest rates? They have depleted all pension money. They need 8% to break even, not negative rates. At this point, there isn't a single pension fund in Europe that is solvent. The European Union's government is imploding. If they default, there will be millions of protesters assaulting the parliament with pitchforks. So, in order to avert this, they must war...

"We are not returning to normalcy. The system is collapsing from within, and it's eerily similar to the fall of Rome, It is Biblical.



SRH: The US Increases Intelligence Sharing and Arms Sales to Ukraine, Including Helicopters. the United States is at War With Russia. A French Journalist Who Returned From Ukraine After Arriving With Volunteer Fighters Told Broadcaster CNews That Americans Are Directly “In Charge” of the War on the Ground, Full Story

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Will Putin Fulfill Biblical Prophecy and Attack Israel?

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