Trump Makes a Mockery of Christianity, Where Is Pastor Robert Jeffress and Those Prosperity Gospel Heretics When You Need Them


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This is not going to end well. Donald Cyrus Trump is now on a campaign to decriminalize sodomy and those that are on the Lord’s side (Exodus 32:26) when it comes to enforcing the laws that condemn sodomy-homosexuality. In fact, he even urges the world to follow his lead…

Trump Official Site Selling Pride T-Shirt, Hat to ‘Show Your Support for the LGBT Community and the President

Among the products available for purchase in the “shop” section of the official Donald Trump website, emblazoned with messages like “Cops for Trump,” “Women for Trump,” “Latinos for Trump,” and “Veterans for Trump,” is rainbow homosexual pride apparel bearing the slogan “Make America Great Again.”

“Show your support for the LGBT community and the 45th president with this exclusive Make America Great Again Pride t-shirt,” one of the descriptions reads.

In addition to the shirt, supporters can also purchase a red “Make America Great Again Pride hat.”

White House Tweets Trump Administration’s ‘Global Campaign to Decriminalize Homosexuality’

As previously reported, during the 2016 presidential election, the Trump campaign likewise sold homosexual-themed apparel. The white tee was swiped with rainbow colors and read “LGBT for Trump.”

At the time, Chris Barron of LGBT for Trump and GOProud praised the campaign’s offering of homosexual apparel, tweeting, “@realDonaldTrump makes history again. First GOP Presidential candidate to do LGBT outreach merchandise! LOVE IT!”

Garrison Carrell of the Log Cabin Republicans did the same, posting, “The absolute most pro-gay candidate. Thank you @realDonaldTrump #GaysforTrump #LGBT Election2016”

But some, such as the Constitution Party of Tennessee, conveyed its dismay over the matter.

“Donald J. Trump becomes the first Republican presidential candidate to offer official pro-LGBTQ merchandise with the unveiling of ‘LGBTQ for Trump’ apparel. If Trump will do this, what won’t he do?” it opined.

Trump Campaign Website Selling ‘LGBTQ for Trump’ T-Shirts, Pins

A number of times during his initial campaign and throughout his presidency, Trump has given a nod to those who identify as homosexual.

In June 2016, Trump declared at a fundraiser that he is the best candidate for the “gay community.”

“So you tell me, who’s better for the gay community, and who’s better for women than Donald Trump? Believe me!” he said.

During his acceptance speech the following month, Trump told those gathered that he would work to protect homosexuals if elected.

“As president, I will do everything in my power to protect LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology,” he declared, being met with applause.

Similarly, in May of this year, President Trump posted two tweets in recognition of “Pride Month,” asking Americans to “stand in solidarity” with homosexuals who live in countries where such sexual practices are illegal, as well as for nations to join his administration’s campaign to decriminalize homosexuality worldwide.

“As we celebrate LGBT Pride Month and recognize the outstanding contributions LGBT people have made to our great nation, let us also stand in solidarity with the many LGBT people who live in dozens of countries worldwide that punish, imprison, or even execute individuals on the basis of their sexual orientation,” he wrote.

“My administration has launched a global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality and invite all nations to join us in this effort!” Trump urged.

The Center for Family and Human Rights (C-Fam) further notes that last year, “State Department representatives pressured governments to accept ‘sexual orientation and gender identity’ in international law. Additionally, the U.S. Ambassador to the UN Economic and Social Council made an impassioned plea during the General Assembly for homosexual issues.”

The United States is also listed as a member nation of the UN LGBTI Core Group alongside Canada, the U.K., Australia, Germany, France and Israel, among others.

In May, Trump told Fox News host Steve Hilton that he thinks it’s “absolutely fine” that Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is campaigning with his “husband.”

“Yeah, I think it’s great,” Trump answered unflinchingly when asked if he agreed that it was a sign of “great progress” in the nation. “I think that’s something that perhaps some people will have a problem with, [but] I have no problem with it whatsoever. I think it’s good.”

Photo Credit: Billy Alexander

As previously reported, the Bible teaches in Genesis 19 that the city of Sodom was full of various wickedness, including homosexuality. It states that as the men of Sodom saw angels enter into Lot’s home, “both old and young” surrounded the house and called out, “Where are the men which came in to thee this night? Bring them out unto us, that we may know them.”

“I pray you, brethren, do not so wickedly,” Lot replied.

The angels then “smote the men that were at the door of the house with blindness” so that they could not enter, and advised Lot, “[W]e will destroy this place, because the cry of them is waxen great before the face of the Lord, and the Lord hath sent us to destroy it.”

In the New Testament, Jude, the earthly brother of Jesus, pointed to the sorrowful fate of Sodom, writing, “Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.”

He later encouraged Christians in light of the rampant sin of the last days to “have compassion [on souls], making a difference, and others save with fear.”

Proverbs 14:34 says, “Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.”

Proverbs 16:12 also states, “It is an abomination to kings to commit wickedness, for the throne is established by righteousness.”

In his commentary on the latter, English Baptist pastor John Gill explained, “It should be an abomination to kings to commit wickedness themselves, and those that do it should be abhorred by them, or they should show their resentment at it by removing them from their presence, or by punishing them.”

“And though there have been such kings as David, Psalm 101:4; yet there are but few such; this is not true of kings in common; and therefore rather expresses what they should be than what they are; but is perfectly applicable to Christ, who loves righteousness and hates iniquity, Psalm 45:7.”

“This is the support, strength, and security of every kingdom, and of the thrones of kings; and it is with judgment and righteousness that the throne of Christ is established; yea, justice, and judgment are the habitations of his throne, Isaiah 9:7.” Source

The difference with Trump is that he claims to share our values, and even claims to be a Christian. As the Apostle Paul admonished in 1 Cor. 5:9-13, those of the world who do not share our values should be engaged by the church, and welcomed – those who claim to be believers but are “immoral or greedy” should be “expelled from among you.”

We’re told, in Luke 6 that we will be able to “tell a tree by its fruits,” and that should be enough. In Trump’s case, there’s plenty of fruit to see, but for others who think professing Christ is enough, there’s an opportunity to have an important conversation.

Many times, particularly in the past, professing Christ has been enough to elicit the support of evangelical leaders. 

Evangelical Christians overwhelmingly support President Donald Trump…

Many have questioned why devout evangelicals support Trump, a man who has bragged about sexual assault, lies perpetually and once admitted he never asks God for forgiveness. Trump’s lack of knowledge of the Bible is also well-known.

Nevertheless, many evangelical Christians believe that Trump was chosen by God to usher in a new era, a part of history called the “end times.” Beliefs about this time period differ, but it is broadly considered the end of the world, the time when Jesus returns to Earth and judges all people.

Jerusalem has a central role as the city of prophecy and the place where the end of times plays out. According to the prophecy, a 1,000-year period of peace must be followed by seven years of tribulation, during which wars, disease, and natural disasters will lay waste to the earth. In the book of Revelation, Israel is described as a nation that exists during the time of tribulation, and Jerusalem’s Jewish temple is resurrected during this period. The last temple was destroyed around 70 A.D, and today there is a mosque on the Temple Mount where the previous two temples are believed to have stood. Evangelicals believe that a unified Israel with control over Jerusalem will facilitate the construction of a new Jewish temple, and set the groundwork for the end of times.

That’s where Trump comes in.

“What kick-starts the end times into motion is Israel’s political boundaries being reestablished to what God promised the Israelites according to the Bible,” Nate Pyle, a pastor, and author of a book about Jesus

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There Is No Doubt That Donald Trump’s Presidency Is a Clear Exhibition of the Counterfeit Christianity on a Global Scale

Have you ever been around a boaster? He goes around telling everyone how wonderful he is, how smart he is, how much he knows. Christians should go around telling people how wonderful Christ is, how great He is, how merciful, how kind, how powerful, how awesome, how righteous, etc. Boasting in ourselves is sinful pride; boasting in the Lord deflates our pride and gives all the glory to Him. True Christians confess, “The only thing I’m great at is being a great sinner, but Christ Jesus is a great Savior!”

“No enactment of man can be considered law unless it conforms to the law of God.” – Judge William Blackstone

There is no doubt that Donald Trump’s presidency is a clear exhibition of the counterfeit Christianity on a global scale (Matthew 7:21-23), where you will find that these professors falling in line with what Donald says rather than what the Word of God declares.

Remember, this is the same president that said he never had a need to ask for forgiveness yet, Scripture testifies against his narcissistic and self-righteous face.

If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us.” –1 John 1:10

Today, we see Donald Trump, along with his followers, advocating that which God clearly condemns, attempting to create a world in defiance toward their Creator.

This is not going to end well.

Donald Trump is now on a campaign to decriminalize sodomy and those that are on the Lord’s side (Exodus 32:26) when it comes to enforcing the laws that condemn sodomy-homosexuality. In fact, he even urges the world to follow his lead.

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This is happening simultaneously with the “Equality Act,” which is being pushed forward by what your unconstitutional and contrived enemies called the “left” or otherwise known as the “democrats.”

If you remember, Donald Trump’s followers were exposed for their hypocrisies when criminal Barack Hussein Obama’s administration was advocating for what they gave lip service to by condemning concerning the sodomite agenda, but now, these idolaters have given a green light to Donald Trump to do whatever he wills to do.  hypocrites! (Matthew 23:3)

Today, we can see that Obama’s administration was teeing this all up for the current administration to further implement the sodomite agenda.

Did you know that sodomy is illegal in every state of our union? In-state statutes throughout the United States, they are called “crimes against nature,” directly taken from Scripture (Romans 1:26-32).

I want to lay to your candor a question that must be asked, why does God’s moral law condemn sodomy?

“Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is an abomination.” –Leviticus 18:22

Outside of common sense, if we did not have a father and a mother, none of us would be here today (Genesis 5:2).

Well, let’s look to the fruit (Matthew 7:16) of these sodomites to show you why the Lord condemns these actions (Deuteronomy 25:1)

First of all, the top U.S. serial killers were sodomites.

Jeffery Dahmer was known as the Milwaukee Cannibal or the Milwaukee Monster, who raped, murdered, and dismembered 17 men and boys from 1978 to 1991. Many of his later murders involved necrophilia (sex with the dead), cannibalism, and permanent preservation of body parts. He allured men to his home from sodomite bars.

Donald Harvey claimed 37 victims in Kentucky.

John Wayne Gacy raped and killed 33 boys in Chicago by playing a clown to allure them in, burying them under his house and in his yard.

Patrick Kearney accounted for 32 murders, cutting his victims into small pieces after sex and leaving them in trash bags along the Los Angeles freeway.

Bruce Davis molested and killed 27 young men and boys in Illinois.

A queer sex-murder, torture ring (Corll-Henley-Brooks) sent 27 Texas men and boys to their graves.

Juan Corona was convicted of murdering 25 migrant workers.  He raped their dead corpses.

A former Big Brother-Big Sisters volunteer was arrested on a complaint of lewd molestation, forcible sodomy, and second-degree rape with a boy under 16 years of age.  The pederast, John Gisler, was a science teacher at Whitney Middle School and the victim was believed to be his little brother.

The John Jay Team reported that 10,667 people in the US had made allegations of child sexual abuse between 1950 and 2002 against 4,392 priests.

The Boy Scouts of America claims its child abuse prevention program is the best in the country. However, in 2005, the man that ran that program, Douglas Smith Jr., was sentenced to eight years in federal prison for trafficking in child pornography on the Internet.

High profile attorney Aaron Biber from Minnesota was sentenced to 18 years in prison for raping his son’s best friend, who was just 15 years old. Police said that he was groomed from 11 years old. Hennepin County district judge Lloyd Zimmerman said that this was one most horrific cases he’s ever seen.

In 2010, former Minneapolis Park Police Captain William Jacobs was charged with sexually abusing a 15-year-old boy from 2007-2009. Prosecutors added child pornography charges to the mix after police found 40,000 pornographic images on hard drives and DVDs in his home. Seventeen more witnesses came forward to testify that Jacobs abused them between 1962 and 1980.

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Brian Bender broke the story.

In 2006, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, which conducts Internet pornography investigations, produced a list of 5,200 Pentagon employees suspected of viewing child pornography and asked the Pentagon to review it.  However, the Pentagon checked only about two-thirds of the names, unearthing roughly 300 defense and intelligence employees who allegedly had viewed child pornography on their work or home computers.

The defense investigators failed to check an additional 1,700 names on the list, according to defense officials who revealed the information in correspondence with Senator Charles Grassley, Republican of Iowa.

Downloading child pornography is a federal crime, punishable by prison sentences of five to 20 years.  Yet, members of Congress and other officials say it raises additional concerns when such materials are accessed by employees with high-level security classifications because it leaves them vulnerable to blackmail.

This warning was first sounded to the American people back in 1987 when published by Michael Swift in Gay Community News on February 15-21. Furthermore, it was also inserted into the congressional record.

All the while knowing the fruit of these criminals, why then are the American people allowing this agenda to be pushed forward through their said representatives?

The end aim of this entire agenda is an attempt to normalize pedophilia and sodomy and to criminalize anyone that dares to speak out against their crimes.

Simply put, they mean to rule over you and your posterity with impunity and all of this with the mainstream media and corrupt politicians approval. Source

They say that the most unlikely people often do the most extraordinary things, and that is certainly something that has proven true in the Bible. A quick read through some of the most popular Bible stories reveals that God never uses the people you would expect him to use: those who are rich and noble or well-equipped for the job. Rather, he uses everyday, run-of-the-mill people to accomplish his will and ultimately do great things that reveal his glory. It is interesting to note, though, the specific types of people that he uses to accomplish his will, as he doesn’t show any favoritism whatsoever. Let’s take a look at 10 unlikely people that God used to do great things, advance the gospel, and ultimately reveal his glory.

10. Noah: A Drunkard

After the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, the world started getting increasingly evil. Noah and his family appeared to be the only righteous people on earth. So God called Noah to build the ark so that he, his family, and all of the birds and land animals would survive the flood and could repopulate the earth when everything was said and done. After the flood, Noah planted a vineyard and got drunk, and his son Ham went in, saw Noah’s nakedness, and told his two brothers Shem and Japheth, what had happened. These two brothers went in and covered Noah with a cloak so that his nakedness could not be seen. Even though God knew that Noah was going to get drunk, he chose to use him anyway to save a small remnant of living things to repopulate the earth after its massive deluge.

9. Abraham: An Old Man

Normally, most people stop having children once they pass their late thirties or early forties. However, when Abraham was 100 years old, his wife Sarah bore him a child, Isaac, just as God had promised. Although Abraham already had a son from his wife’s servant woman, Hagar, God told him that the covenant made between Abraham and the Lord would be through Isaac, the younger son. Isaac went on to become the father of Israel and ultimately, the modern Jewish nation. It was through Isaac’s lineage that many other great heroes came, and through which Jesus, the Messiah, was ultimately born.

8. Moses: A Stutterer

When God was bringing his people back from their captivity in Egypt, he selected Moses to be the man through whom he would speak. After Moses killed an Egyptian for beating up a Hebrew, he fled into the wilderness because he didn’t want to be killed by the other Egyptians or by his own people. One day, God spoke to Moses through a burning bush, and he commanded Moses to lead the people out of Egypt and to speak to Pharaoh on their behalf. Moses responded, “O Lord, I’m not very good with words. I never have been, and I’m not now, even though you have spoken to me. I get tongue-tied, and my words get tangled (Exodus 4:10)”, but God used him to lead the people anyway, reminding Moses that he would always be by his side. God also used Moses to deliver the Ten Commandments, which many Jews and Christians still follow to this day.

7. Rahab: A Prostitute

One of the most interesting and unlikely people ever to be used by God was Rahab. She was a prostitute living in Jericho, who provided refuge for the Israelite spies when they went to scout out the town and its surrounding areas. Even though the King of Jericho commanded that the men be brought out to him so that they could be punished, Rahab hid them, and as a result, God spared her and her family when the Israelites entered the town and overthrew it. However, Rahab’s story doesn’t end here. God used her to contribute to the coming of the Messiah. You see, Rahab married Salmon, who had Boaz, who became the husband of Ruth. The Gospel of Matthew outlines Jesus’ lineage, and it illustrates the bloodline of Christ, mentioning Rahab and a few other unlikely characters. Thus, one can marvel at the ways that God uses very unlikely, seemingly unqualified people to bring about extraordinary things—like the birth of the Savior.

6. David: An Adulterer and Murderer

David was considered to be an unlikely candidate from the very beginning. Starting out as a shepherd boy who tended his father’s flocks, he seemed very small. However, he managed to defeat the Philistine giant, Goliath with one stone in his slingshot. As a result, King Saul began to favor him, and eventually, David was anointed as king over Israel. Later on, David noticed the beautiful Bathsheba, the wife of David’s more solid Uriah, bathing. He thought she was absolutely gorgeous, and thus, he took her into his home and had relations with her. However, David knew that what he had done was wrong, but rather than make up for it, he had her husband Uriah killed so that he wouldn’t have to deal with the consequences of his sin. Later on, though, David felt bad, repented, and turned back to God, and it was through his line as well that Jesus Christ, the Messiah was descended. In fact, the Messiah is referred to as the Son of David quite often through Scripture, and God made David a promise that no one would ever fail to sit on his throne. Why? Because God chose to forgive David and in turn, bring about a blessing through him.

5. Jonah: A Man who Ran from God

Jonah was a prophet who was called by God to go and minister to the people of Nineveh. These people were considered to be very Godless, so Jonah was supposed to tell the people that God’s judgment was coming against them. Because of how wicked they were, Jonah didn’t want to go to Nineveh, so he ran from God. This resulted in his being swallowed by a large fish. While he was in the belly of the fish, Jonah prayed to God for forgiveness and protection, and as a result, God gave him a second chance and spared the people of Nineveh, since they also repented.

4. Matthew: A Tax Collector

The Story of Matthew is one of the most beautiful stories of Scripture because it is a story of redemption. Matthew, also known as Levi, was a tax collector. In those days, tax collectors were essentially considered the scum of the earth, because it was rumored that they often cheated other people out of money by overcharging on taxes and pocketing some of that money for themselves. So when Jesus approached Matthew at his tax collector’s booth, people probably stared at him, wondering what a righteous rabbi like Jesus was doing associating with this tax collector. Yet he chose to call this man to be one of his disciples and to follow him and learn his ministry, essentially. Matthew got up, left all of his tax-collecting work behind, and followed Jesus without ever looking back. This disciple ended up writing one of the four Gospels of Scripture, and he has quite the tale to tell.

3. A Little Boy, Five Loaves, and Two Fish

Jesus was all about feeding those who were hungry—both spiritually and physically. When he saw the crowd of 5,000 people, he knew that he had to feed them; he could not turn them away hungry. He asked his disciples to find food for the people, and they returned with what was probably a boy’s lunch: five loaves of bread and two fish. After he blessed the food through prayer, he broke these items into pieces and distributed them to the disciples, who in turn gave it to the people. There was more than enough food produced in this miracle to feed all the people and to provide the disciples with food as well, which was presumably the reason why there were twelve basketfuls of leftovers at the end of the meeting.

2. Jesus: A Baby Who Grew Up to be the Messiah

While there are many prophecies concerning Jesus Christ throughout the Old Testament, the Jewish people were not expecting their savior to be born as a baby and then to grow into an ordinary man. Despite what the Scriptures told them, they believed that their Messiah would be a conqueror—a mighty warrior, someone who was powerful in battle and who would forcefully restore Israel to them. Imagine their surprise, then, when Jesus was born as a baby, lived the life of a normal child, and grew up to be a man. Furthermore, imagine their surprise when they found out that this man was indeed the promised Messiah. God could have sent anybody he wanted to be the Messiah, but he sent Jesus in the form of a baby to show the world that the Savior is humble, that he has known what it is to be in their position—to be human—and that he can thus relate to them in their sufferings.

1. Saul: A Former Persecutor of Christians

Finally, one of the most unlikely people that God used to bring about his will was Saul of Tarsus, who later became known as the apostle Paul. Saul was originally a Pharisee, a very prominent religious leader among the Jewish community. He would often harm or kill anyone who claimed to be a Christian, but one day, when he set out on the road to Damascus, he had a vision of Jesus, who explained that Saul’s actions were wrong. As a result, he turned his life around, dedicated everything he had to serve Christ, and ended up writing many books of the New Testament. His is a story of how God can take someone who seems to be rebelling against him, turn them around, and cause them to start living for him. Therefore, Paul’s story is also a story of redemption and transformation and proof that if God can use people like him to accomplish his will, then he can use anyone, no matter what their past, present, or future actions have been or will ever be Source.

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God knows that evil is not combated with love and understanding.

King David Had This Down:

The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers, The Cowboys. The round pegs in the square holes misfits. The ones who see things totally differently. They’re not comfortable with the rules. And they have no respect for the status quo Pharisees “hypocrites”. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do–is ignore them”. Because they change things. They push GOD’s human race forward and that bothers the politicians and otherworldly liars. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, I see a genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do. SRH….

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StevieRay Hansen

The best index to a person’s character is how he treats people who can’t do him any good, and how he treats people who can’t fight back…

The Birth Pains Are Growing Stronger….

“Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.” Outlaw Josey Wales

“Man will ultimately be governed by God or by tyrants.”

My name is Steve Meyers and I need to share a vision and warning that the Lord showed me back in April 2007….

Many of you will ask why I waited so long to share the warning. I didn’t. I shared the story with everyone that would listen from pastors to friends to family to colleagues. Immediately following the initial vision, I called a close friend. I told him to sit down that I had something to tell him. I needed it documented as I knew this was supernatural and from God. As I witness events unfolding today, I need to share the vision again.

The risk of loss in trading futures and options on futures can be substantial. The author does not guarantee the accuracy of the above information, although it is believed that the sources are reliable and the information accurate. The author assumes no liability or responsibility for direct or indirect, special, consequential or incidental damages or for any other damages relating or arising out of any action taken as a result of any information or advice contained in this commentary. The author disclaims any express or implied liability or responsibility for any action taken, which is solely at the liability and responsibility of the user. Steve Meyers, StevieRay Hansen

The silencing of the American people before 2020?… Digital Gulag

“The human heart is an idol factory.”

The Un-Godly — Those That Suppress the Truth, the social media giants built multi-billion dollar empires by giving everyone a voice, but now that they have such a dominant position on the Internet they have decided that many prominent conservative voices should be completely silenced.

Our government has been overthrown. As evidenced by Trump’s capitulation on the border, his recent servitude to the GMO industry and his acquiescence to the warmongers, our President has been compromised. Our liberties are being eliminated one by one. Gun confiscation is next. The Constitution is gasping its last breaths. Our borders are destroyed and our culture has been turned upside down by every perversion known to man.

It’s interesting when you connect the dots, the masses are opposed to God’s blueprint and therefore will bring destruction upon the earth intentionally. Me, I, mine, narcissists generation will bring total destruction upon God’s people, only the chosen will survive, we live in evil times, dress appropriately, put on the full armor of God!….

Force is now the only rule remaining in deep state-controlled America. Everything else has collapsed. There is no free speech, no fair trial, no system of justice, no reasonable expectation of human rights anywhere, no fair elections, no honest news, no honest Wall Street operations, no real public education, no clean food, and threats from the elitist, the power structure that is hell-bent on bringing the New World order into the reality of the sleeping masses, get woke or get yoked, the choice still lives in the people’s hands. Next, the AntiChrist will appear with many empty promises, peace, and security, in reality, it’s the yoking of mankind, We are on the Doorstep of the Great Tribulations…

The prophet does not confuse truth with consensus. The prophet does not confuse God’s word with the word of those who happen to hold power at present, or with the opinion of the majority. This is because powerholders and the majority can fall victim to a lying spirit-and this means a power that actually seizes the majority of experts, the political leadership, and the public.

Thanks to people like Pastor Steven Anderson and the choir of preachers he has assembled within the New Independent Fundamentalist Baptist movement there has been a resurgence in what is called the Reprobate Doctrine. A Biblical doctrine that demonstrates in scripture, that God will turn people over to their vile lifestyles as a curse, blinding them to salvation in Jesus, giving them over to a devil’s hell for eternity. A doctrine that I believe is completely Biblical and defined by the Apostle Paul in Romans 1 is unmistakably visceral language.

Let Me Make This Abundantly Clear. (I Am Apolitical) While I Have a General Distaste for Electric Cars and Politicians No Matter the Party They Belong To, I Am Unashamedly Politically a Bible Believing Conservative Christian. I Have a Severe Distrust of Government. I Believe It Is the Most Inefficient and Ineffective Way to Accomplish Most Things. While I Strongly Disagree with Liberals/Progressives and Conservative on Most Political Issues, and While I Believe Liberals/Progressives and Most Politicians Are Terribly Misguided and Naive About What Big Government Will Eventually Result In, I Strive to Not Question Their Motives. at the Same Time, While I Find Myself in Agreement with Conservative Politicians on Some Issues, I Do Not Believe Electing Republicans Is the Answer to Everything. for Me, Very Sadly, the Main Difference Between Republicans and Democrats Is How Quickly They Want to Drive the Car Towards the Cliff. Simply Put, I Do Not Believe the Government Is the Solution for Everything. I Do Not Place Any Faith, Trust, or Hope in Any Politicians to Fix What Is Wrong with the World. “Come Lord Jesus!” (Revelation 22:20) The prophet does not confuse truth with consensus. The prophet does not confuse God’s word with the word of those who happen to hold power at present, or with the opinion of the majority. This is because powerholders and the majority can fall victim to a lying spirit-and this means a power that actually seizes the majority of experts, the political leadership, and the public.StevieRay Hansen

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StevieRay Hansen

In his riveting memoir, "A Long Journey Home", StevieRay Hansen will lead you through his incredible journey from homeless kid to multimillionaire oilman willing to give a helping hand to other throwaway kids. Available on Amazon.


  1. Anita on December 19, 2019 at 6:14 am

    Very good article and over the target

  2. JAy on December 17, 2019 at 10:49 pm

    Too bad you think you are qualified to judge the hearts of men. It’s pretty clear that you are just filled with venomous hate which we all know is a fruit of the Spirit.(sarc) You’re in for a rude awakening!

    • StevieRay Hansen on December 17, 2019 at 11:21 pm

      Obviously you don’t understand what the article is about, I look at the history and then make a determination. Test every spirit. Your analogy of my article has deep problems.

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